Digital solutions for the water industry

Digital Solutions for the Water Industry

Security of supply and efficiency go digital

“Intelligently monitor and manage water networks instead of time-consuming searches for leaks.”  Simple control systems for water supply and drainage have had their day. The increased demands facing water suppliers require digital solutions in order to recognize leakages faster and ensure efficient pumping operations.

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Smart Water

Security of supply and efficiency are key in the water industry

Plant operators are faced with three challenges in the water industry: Firstly: water losses due to leaks need to be detected and located quickly. Water losses cost money, and escaping water can cause damage. Secondly: the electricity costs of the energy-intensive pumping stations should be kept as low as possible, which requires optimum pump control. The pumps in a network are often not run at optimum efficiency or are run at the wrong time. Detection and optimization in this area can result in energy savings of up to 15%. And thirdly: the negative effects of heavy rainfall are flooded streets and the run-off of waste water into natural waters. This can be controlled by the timely diverting of waste water to other free channels and rain overflow basins. This will also result in a more uniform utilization of waste water treatment plants.
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Digitalization Steps for Water and Wastewater

Digital transformation steps for the water and wastewater sector include connecting assets, deploying new applications and building Digital Twins

Smart water management: controlling and optimizing water supply and sewer networks from one central point

Using data from sensors and special mathematical algorithms, our SIWA solution monitors your plant and indicates leaks. It optimizes the efficiency of pumps, aerators and compressors and controls waste water flows – resulting in increased cost and energy efficiency.  SIWA Water Management is a comprehensive solution comprising an automation system (PCS 7), data analysis software, water meters (e.g. MAG 8000) and services. Intelligent data processing and algorithms for machine learning produce precise analyses and enable optimization for increased efficiency and safety. Integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, this leads to reliable prognoses and improvements on all levels.


Specifically at the field level, Siemens can offer solutions for improving efficiencies and saving on the “cost of water”. Leak detection technology offered in Siemens flow meters allows municipalities to promptly and accurately locate leaks or breaks. In addition, efficient pumping algorithms built into Siemens pump controllers allow implementation of economy pumping routines.

Pumping Efficiency

The first step to implementing energy efficient practices in water or wastewater systems begins with motors and pumps.




Optimizing pump schedules in pipelines and water networks to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption 


Economy Pumping with SITRANS LUT400 Level Controller


Siemens SITRANS LUT400 ultrasonic level controller line includes pump control parameters that can be set to minimize pumping activity during on-peak pricing periods. This smart approach to pumping only requires the economical investment in an LUT400 controller, which can control up to two motors.


The Siemens “Cost of Water” economy pumping calculator and motor energy calculators are easy to use tools that help identify the overall cost of your pumping system.

Leak Detection

Leaking pipes often go years without being detected. By reducing lost water through leak detection technology, utilities can realize substantial cost savings in their systems.


SIWA LEAK and SIWA LeakControl

Detecting and locating leaks in water transport and distribution systems 


Leak Detection with SITRANS F M MAG 8000

Siemens “Cost of Water” calculator for leak detection helps you identify the amount of lost revenue you may be experiencing.


Sewer network control system to regulate waste water flows e.g. to avoid flooding during heavy rain


Computer-aided model of the network infrastructure for simulating different operating modes and conditions. Also as a training module for operators

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Smart Water solution SIWA


Successful digitalization

Digitalization in the water industry is progressing. Read about examples of successful projects in some of our references.


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