Drinking water

The source of life

In many regions of the world, groundwater alone can‘t satisfy the demand for drinking water. As a result, the treatment of surface water or even sewage to make it drinkable is increasingly important, especially in countries with water scarcity or where rivers are heavily polluted. As your partner through every phase of the water cycle, we also support you in satisfying regulatory requirements and achieving quality standards, as well as in keeping processes in your water treatment plants lean and efficient. By carefully monitoring key stages in the water management process, we can show you how to maximize your efficiency potential.   Clear solutions for the future   With in-depth process expertise, extensive experience, and proven products, systems and solutions, we work with you to develop the solution that is both economically and environmentally best for you. With Siemens at your side, you will be perfectly equipped to master the challenges of modern global management. Our portfolio offers you innovative and reliable solutions for process automation.