A clean solution

The level of contamination of domestic and industrial wastewater differs greatly – chemically, biologically, and with regard to solid matter. Water treatment plants perform the essential function of removing contaminants and returning clean water to the usage cycle. As a plant operator, you understand the complex and often energy-intensive processes that wastewater must undergo before it reaches the required level of purity.   With our specialist software and automation technology, Siemens supports both state-of-the-art sewage plants and technologies for biological sewage treatment.    

High-strength Wastewater Treatment

If you need to treat high-strength, unusual wastewaters, let our experts – with decades of experience and expertise – help you find the right solution.

Water solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

From biological treatment for water reuse to hydrothermal treatment of the world’s toughest wastewaters, we’re prepared to prove our treatment solutions through bench- and pilot-scale testing, and treatability studies.

Wastewater Processes

Wastewater Processes

Ultrasonic Level Control

Pump Station Control requires monitoring of water level in the wet well. Level, volume, flow and the pump need to be controlled continuously.

SIRIUS ACT Push Buttons

SIRIUS ACT offers a unique portfolio of pushbuttons, indicator lights and switches. Designed for rugged reliability and critical operations - even oils, caustic solutions and extreme environmental influences cannot disrupt operation.

Open Channel Flow

Open Channel flow monitoring requires highly accurate data of influent flow to meet regulatory demand.

Temperature Transmitters

Water Screw Pumps

Water screw pumps rotate in an open concrete trough and are used to lift water in sewage treatment and drainage plants.

Magnetic Flow Meters

The ratio of Return Activated Sludge (RAS) to Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) is critical and may be controlled using Magnetic flow meters.

Gear Units for Aerators

Aeration required in the biological part of a sewage plant swirls the surface of the water so it is enriched with oxygen. This activates the bacteria, so the biodegradable constituents are removed from the sludge.

PCS 7 Controller Template – “Control of Biological Stage of Wastewater Treatment Plant with Intermittent Operation"

The PCS 7 Water Unit Templates provide typical components, open and closed loop control, and the necessary logic to visualize a biological stage.

Level Control

Level control in the digester is critical.


Agitators are used for effective mixing.

Radar Level

The inventory level of chemicals used for the wastewater process must be monitored and the dosing controlled.

Magnetic Flow Meters

Flocculent inventory and dosing control are crucial for operation.

SITRANS Pressure Transmitter

The filter back-wash operation is carried out using head loss measurement across the filters using differential pressure transmitters.

Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Dewatering is typically a mechanical process, in which the sludge level must be controlled to prevent damage to the press.

Belt Scales

The sludge from the dewatering press is transported via belt scales or by a screw conveyor, protected by motion sensors.

Motion Sensors

Water Solutions for Oil & Gas

Siemens oil and gas business includes water treatment technologies, total water treatment solutions and water treatment services.

Gear Units for Water Turbines

Water power plants use a water turbine that converts the potential flow energy contained in water into mechanical energy; this mechanical energy is subsequently converted into electrical energy in a generator. The gear units for water turbines gear up the low turbine speed into a very high generator speed.