More with less

As a wind turbine manufacturer, you pursue a simple goal: To get as much power as possible for as little cost as possible. The key to this is highly efficient wind generators and converters, supported by customized wind equipment for the smooth operation of the systems, highly efficient engineering and low-loss transmission.

The best for your customers

Actively reducing the Costs of Energy

With highly efficient wind generators and converters from Siemens, you give your customers a highly effective means of reducing the Cost of Energy. Perfectly coordinated with one another, Siemens generators and converters offer best-in-class values ​​in terms of energy efficiency and reliability. The advantage is clear: lower running costs for maintenance and operation, higher electricity yields – and thus sustainably reduced Costs of Energy. As a partner to the wind industry with many years of experience, we also support you with continuous communication across all levels of the generation systems as well as highly efficient switchgear and transformers.

Rely on our generator systems for wind turbines up to 10 MW, which have occupied a leading position in the world market for decades: More than 50,000 wind generators and the corresponding wind converters are already being used worldwide for onshore and offshore applications – with gearboxes (GD) or as Direct Drive wind generators (DD) even without gearboxes. The suitable system partners for our wind generators are the modular, highly standardized SINAMICS W180 wind converters.

Maximum energy yield combined with highest system availability: For wind turbines with gearboxes, our specialized generator systems up to 10 MW offer the perfect combination of performance and quality. The generators are available for onshore and offshore applications and can be perfectly adapted to the respective wind turbine concept and the local conditions of use within a power range of 250 kW to 10 MW.

Your benefits

  • Proven quality: more than 20,000 machines in use
  • Smooth operation in all climate zones – even under harsh conditions
  • Tailor-made solutions for your customer specifications
  • Maximum energy yield through high efficiency
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Maximum reliability: 100% quality check before shipping
  • Solutions for all standard generator concepts: Asynchronous squirrel-cage rotor, asynchronous pole-changing, asynchronous double-fed, synchronous third-party-excited, synchronous permanent magnet

Maximum cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability even under the harshest conditions: For this we have developed the gearless DD wind generator, a high-pole synchronous machine using permanent magnet technology. Based on its modular platform concept, the generator is not manufactured in a complete unit, but is configured from pre-assembled partial segments. This allows customer-specific adaptation to the respective performance requirements, whereby the segments are optimally integrated into the drive train of the wind turbine using finite element calculations.

Your benefits

  • Optimum efficiency through omission of gearbox and own bearing for the generator
  • Simpler transport and easier assembly even with very high power ratings
  • Series production thanks to platform concept with standardized components
  • Space and weight-saving, mechanically highly integrated solution
  • Maximum reliability with minimum maintenance costs
  • Flexible concept for different turbine solutions, with either internal or external rotor

Decades of experience in the wind industry, an impressive track record of over 50,000 reliable wind turbine generators and converter technology that has proven itself time and time again in the industrial and infrastructure sectors - this is the solid basis on which we developed the SINAMICS W180: a wind turbine converter that sets new standards in terms of efficiency, compactness, availability and reliability. This means that the SINAMICS W180 is fully prepared for future requirements. Our wind converters and wind generators are perfectly coordinated with one another – from development, through manufacturing and common testing in the test bay, to certification, all the way to servicing.

Your benefits

  • Uniform, simplified engineering for all generator types by using Siemens standards such as SINAMICS tools and TIA
  • Stable plant operation even under overload conditions of more than 110% current
  • Line- and generator-side frequencies can be optimized separately
  • Minimized line side harmonics
  • Extremely reliable and durable even under extremely harsh conditions
  • Perfect interaction of wind converter and wind generator from a single source
  • Maximum power yield through optimum efficiency
  • Simplified engineering and easier integration
  • Enhanced IGBT service life due to reduced DC-link voltage in case of partial load
  • Reduced generator noise
  • Reduced mechanical stress in case of tripping
  • Easy maintenance and quick access to spare parts
  • Space saving due to high power density
  • Software updates, diagnostics and maintenance possible through remote access via Web server
  • Flexibly adaptable to any turbine design
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