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The SINAMICS W180 wind converter solution (2 to 8 MW) is based on the SINAMICS technology platform, which has proven itself millions of times over in industry and infrastructure. Through the use of this highly standardized concept, this series of wind converters is particularly reliable, can be flexibly integrated into any turbine concept and is fit for the future.


The quick and easy way to the highest yields

The use of standard SINAMICS platform tools such as Starter, standardized interfaces and integration with Totally Integrated Automation simplifies and speeds up the entire engineering, system integration and commissioning process.

In addition, SINAMICS W180 has several unique features that provide additional benefits. In this way, the dynamic overload capability avoids tripping, even in case of an overload current of > 110%, thus ensuring very stable system operation. Other examples include the clock frequency, which can be adjusted freely during operation, the arbitrary pulse-width modulation for the separate optimization of the line and generator, the optional pulse-width modulation with a random pattern function, which reduces the generator noise and at the same time derate the line side harmonics.

SINAMICS W180 is perfectly suited for both onshore and offshore applications. Its technical design optimally matches Siemens' wind generators, which confirm their leading position in the world market with an installed base of about 50.000, which reliably operate all over the world even in harsh conditions.

  • Simplified engineering and easier integration using Siemens standards such as SINAMICS Tools and TIA
  • Stable system operation even under overload conditions > 110% current
  • Enhanced IGBT service life due to reduced DC-link voltage in case of partial load
  • Line - and generator side frequencies can be optimized separately 
  • Reduced generator noise
  • Minimized line side harmonics 
  • Extremely reliable and durable even under very harsh conditions
  • Reduced mechanical stress in case of tripping 
  • Easy maintenance and quick access to spare parts
  • Space-saving due to high power density
  • Software updates, diagnostics and maintenance possible through remote access via Web server
  • Perfect interaction of wind converter and wind generator from a single source
  • Flexibly adaptable to any turbine design
  • Uniform engineering for all generator types
  • Maximum power yield
  • Control components, software and engineering tools are based on the SINAMICS standard platform
  • Freely adjustable clock frequency also during operation
  • Dynamic overload behavior depending on ambient conditions avoids tripping even at > 110% current
  • Gradual load reduction when reaching maximum IGBT junction temperature 
  • Variable DC link voltage
  • Pulse-width modulation with a random pattern function (optional)
  • Remote access for the firmware
  • High power density
  • Easily scalable and modular design by paralleling of uniform power modules
  • Meets all the actual grid codes
  • Predesinated for both - onshore and offshore use
  • One platform for the entire power spectrum
  • Seamless integration into turbine automation for all encoutered industrial interfaces
  • Preventive service concepts with cloud-based data analysis
Rated power
2 – 8 MW
Line voltage
690 V ± 15% (+ 30% for FRT)
Line frequency
50/60 Hz
Generator, rated voltage
690 V
Generator, maximum voltage
750 V
Degree of protection
Cooling concept
Water cooling
Suitable communication protocols
Grid code compatibility
VDE-AR-N 4120
CE; UL 6141
Converter concepts
Full converter, Partial converter
Suitable for the following generator types
Asynchron Induction, Permanent magnet, DFIG, Geared Drive or Direct Drive
Range of use
Onshore, Offshore
The top-performing wind converter

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