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With almost three decades of being your reliable solution provider, we understand your process needs and the support you have grown accustomed to. Let Siemens continue to support your APACS+ and QUADLOG systems and help you modernize to your next DCS to support you in the future.

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APACS+ Lifecycle Solutions

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Our in-house APACS+ experts can determine the best approach to meet your future automation needs.

APACS+ and QUADLOG Documents and Support

Support for APACS+ and QUADLOG is guaranteed through October 2020. Documentation is available upon request for manuals and configuration guides - click here for list of documentation. Please contact us for specific information on 4-mation, controllers, QUADLOG and networks. Request Documentation


For technical questions you can call us at 1-800-333-7421 or submit an online support request at the Service and Support Site.



Let Siemens be your modernization partner

Modernize your HMI to improve system reliability and performance

Graphics migrations made easy

Our tool-based solution, created by our own Harleysville, PA team, can convert your APACS+ legacy graphics (e.g. ProcessSuite/Wonderware, APS) and load them onto the new SIMATIC PCS 7 OS for you. This increases your operator acceptance and lowers transition costs.

Expand and meet your new control needs with an integrated solution

Stepwise controller migration option: Integrated solution

SIMATIC PCS 7 configuration tools are included in the PCS 7 APACS+ OS software solution. PCS 7 and APACS+ controllers talk peer-to-peer and the operators see a common HMI interface, thus supporting a phased modernization.

Enhance your control system while leveraging your exiting APACS+ approach

APACS+ termination migration to SIMATIC IO 

With APACS+ termination migration to SIMATIC IO an adapter mates directly to the IO cable end at the APACS+ rack. This preserves the existing cable and MTA or terminal blocks, allowing a field cutover in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months. This strategy supports upgrading to SIMATIC ET 200SP HA IO using a fully redundant PROFINET architecture with configuration in run.  The ET 200SP HA full line of available IO modules supports redundant IO and comes conformally coated, supporting a temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C. This solution fits into the existing APACS+ footprint without the need for new cabinets.

4-Mation code conversion tools

To take full advantage of the SIMATIC AS-410, the SIMATIC Standardization Studio captures and documents your 4-mation code, including soft list parameters. This saves time and money while reducing risk as you modernize to a SIMATIC DCS. The tool performs analysis of your 4-mation and provides an optimized fit into Control Module Types (CMT), which are flexible library tools to build your new configuration in either SIMATIC PCS 7 or SIMATIC PCS neo.

APACS+ Migrations to PCS 7

Migration in under 36 hours with reduced learning curve

Commonwealth Agri-Energy

Lightning-fast migration and reduced learning curve thanks to advanced simulation

The unprecedented speed was due to advanced planning and help from a simulation program.

Migration improves asset management and system capacity

Specialty Oil Refinery

Specialty oil refinery stepwise modernization

Transitioning the automation system to PCS 7 results in improved asset management, system capacity, expansion capabilities, and functionality.

DCS modernization saves more than $100K

Omnova Solutions LLC

APACS+ migration to PCS 7 with DP IO Bus

The UNIX based HMI and engineering tools were replaced, the Siemens DP/IOBus was installed in a redundant H-system while also upgrading the PC and networking infrastructure to modern standards. 

Higher flexibility and safety with no process interruptions

Four Roses Bourbon

Four Roses Distillery keeps tradition, moves ahead with control system upgrade

Four Roses now has the enhanced process control capabilities of the PCS 7 DCS, including the flexibility and added capacity of multiple scan rates (up to 10 milliseconds). The modernization also provides higher fault tolerance, flexible modular redundancy, higher safety (SIL 3 independent of redundancy), integrated asset management, integrated safety fieldbus, and integrated Ethernet.


Don't take our word for it, watch and listen to what Ryan Ashley, Director of Operations at Four Roses Bourbon has to say about his distillery's migration from APACS+ to SIMATIC PCS 7. You may not laugh or cry, but you'll be impressed with how easy it was for him to upgrade using his existing I/O and field wiring.

Lower stress thanks to less unplanned downtime

San Joaquin Refining

Small refinery in California upgrades APACS+ control system

It's tough to go it alone in any context, but it's especially ill-advised and often impossible for controls in most process applications such as oil refining. No matter how competent and independent any end user happens to be, process controls must maintain some level of support from their suppliers—and when that support is unavailable, usually due to obsolescence, it's time to upgrade.

Enhanced HMI eases transition and increases visibility

Marquis Energy

Largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the U.S. upgrades its aging APACS+ system

To avoid losing thousands of dollars a day in income, Marquis Energy wanted to migrate to the new system during a planned facility shutdown over a weekend.

Reduced maintenance costs with a familiar operator environment


Life sciences leader modernizes DCS and paves the way for the future

Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 and ET200SP HA I/O modules provide a flexible, compact, easy-to-use and quick-to-wire platform.

3-day upgrade enhances operator experience with minimal training

Biofuels Producer

Ethanol Plant Fully Modernizes APACS+ to PCS 7 DCS

The Solution Partner leveraged the installed APACS+ configuration and graphics to minimize the project risk, cost and burden on the customer.

Plant startup 2 days ahead of schedule with optimized cabling solution

Oil & Gas Company

Minimal field adjustments following upgrade with high-performance I/O

The APACS+ MTA terminations were kept in place to accelerate startup of the plant.



Plug-and-play retrofit of I/O subpanels minimizes downtime


Distillery modernizes automation system with small-footprint I/O

Existing APACS+ hardware was retrofitted with ET 200SP HA subpanels to reduce downtime.



Planning saves space and time

LNG Utility Plant

LNG utility plant modernizes using Solution Partner's integrated subpanel and wiring solution

Applied Control Engineering (ACE) designed a migration solution using SIMATIC ET 200SP HA I/O with Phoenix terminal strips.



HMI Modernization with PCS 7/APACS+ OS

Optimized data visualization and alarm management

Golden Grain Energy LLC

Ethanol plant modernizes their operations

Optimized operations with improved alarm management and high performance graphics.

Improved reliability while extending the life of existing assets

Chemical Producer

Enhanced reliability and operations with PCS 7 APACS+ OS HMI

PCS 7 APACS+ OS HMI modernization  improves system reliability while extending the life of installed automation assets.

Enhanced performance with minimal operator re-training

Building Materials Manufacturer

PCS 7 APACS+ OS HMI modernization

Building materials manufacturer improves boiler reliability and operations for a multi-product facility with a focus on system availability, safety, and environmental requirement compliance.

Achieving cost-reducing visibility over hardwired system

Martin Midstream Partners

Ammonia storage and pipeline company achieves real time visibility of the process and improved reliabilty over hard-wired system

Distributed PCS 7 architectures allows easier process changes and reduced start-up time.

Simplied system navigation and operator training

Paper Recycler

Recycle mill phased modernization

Phased modernization improves system reliability and provides for common HMI.

Improved alarming leads to safer, more productive operations

Steel Producer

PCS 7 APACS+ OS HMI upgrade meets strict requirements for waste water control at steel mill

System reliability, alarm management, production trending, and data historian were improved.

Lowering engineering costs while staying competitive

Specialty Chemical Plant

Specialty chemical plant migrates to SIMATIC PCS 7 control system

A specialty chemical plant located in Southeastern United States needed to implement an effective DCS life-cycle management program to maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. The plant, in operation for over 25 years, produces a chemical that is used as a feed additive for helping farmers to deliver food to the table in a more efficient end environmentall friendly way.

No production downtime required for HMI migration

Mississippi River Corporation

System migration, Mississippi style

Pulp processor Mississippi River Corporation converts highly customized control system to  a new HMI platform.

48-hour upgrade helps plant to future-proof

Energy Supplier

Cross Integrated Systems Group performed a platform conversion from legacy Siemens ProcessSuite operator interface to Siemens PCS 7 APACS+ OS

The customized faceplates and graphics were converted to use the standard PCS 7 APACS+ OS library for better future upgrades. The project converted over 100 graphics and 1000 tags to the PCS 7 APACS+ OS and the installation was done in a 3 day shutdown.

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