APACS+ Modernization

The time is right to modernize your DCS 

Increase reliability, reduce costs and  future-proof your operations by upgrading your APACS+ distributed control system to SIMATIC PCS 7
Are you still running APACS+? It's time to upgrade.

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Upcoming live webinar

4 Key Ways Your Plant Will Benefit by Modernizing to SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9

Join us on July 15, 2020 at 2 p.m ET

In this live and interactive webinar presented by Stacey Jarlsberg, PCS 7 Product Manager, we'll explore 4 cost-saving and risk-reducing operational benefits you’ll realize by modernizing to the latest version of PCS 7, including increased system reliability, simplified life cycle management, improved process stability and product quality, and operational excellence.


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With more than 30 years of experience in process automation, Siemens understands your needs and the level of support you've grown accustomed to. Our in-house APACS+ and SIMATIC PCS 7 experts can partner with you to develop a custom-tailored DCS modernization strategy that will reduce downtime, risk and effort while preparing your plant for the future.

System reliability

Simplify your APACS+ HMI virtually

Higher system reliability and modern, secure technology with upgrade to SIMATIC PCS 7

Read how one user saved time and money by modernizing their APACS+ distributed control system with virtualization architecture.

Ease of transition

Future-ready your DCS with modern IO

Reduce downtime and hardware costs with an innovative IO migration solution

See how easily a customer transitioned from APACS+ to SIMATIC PCS 7 IO.

Improved operations

Can your APACS+ HMI do this?

Visualization without the need for additional engineering

Watch this video to explore how visualization of interlocks helps you to resolve process upsets more quickly.