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Data optimization

Take the guesswork out of your HMI

Get more from your process data

Is your process data giving you enough information to make critical decisions quickly and confidently? Watch this video to see how Advanced Process Graphics helps you evaluate whether your plant is operating as it should be.

Flexible controller

Reduce your plant's downtime

Powerful, scalable hardware with seamless redundancy

Choosing the right controller can keep your plant up and running while reducing spare part inventory costs — helping you to protect your investment for the future. Watch the video to learn more.

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                                                                                                          SIMATIC PCS 7 V9: Room for new perspectives

Web-based DCS

Can a DCS be both web-based and cybersecure?

Imagine securely managing your plant from any location and device

Watch the video to see fully web-based process control in action with PCS neo, the innovative new distributed control system. The next-generation PCS neo leverages the benefits of HTML5 to increase operator flexibility and reduce complexity.

Alarm management

Simplify your alarm management

Eliminate operator distractions for a safer plant

Optimize your alarm management with the easy-to-use "hit list" tool built into SIMATIC PCS 7, which prioritizes alarms to keep operators focused on the most pressing action items. Our video explains how it works.

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                                                                                                          Getting the most from your safety alarms

Interlock troubleshooting

Help your operators become better troubleshooters

A window into your operations that simplifies troubleshooting and saves time

Watch the video to explore how interlock functionality in SIMATIC PCS 7 helps you resolve process upsets quickly, without needing to call engineering for support.

Additional information

•  SIMATIC PCS 7 V9: Room for new perspectives

Vertical I/O

Realize the benefits of vertical I/O

Increased uptime and savings by design

Get to know SIMATIC ET200SP HA. Watch our video to learn more about the savings you can realize from the high-availability features of this rugged process I/O.

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                                                                                                          SIMATIC PCS 7 V9: Room for new perspectives

DCS migration

Time to modernize your DCS? Here's how to migrate successfully

DCS rip-and-replace for higher system reliability and less downtime

Read this step-by-step account of how one end user future-proofed their plant by modernizing a 25-year-old control system to SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.

Additional information

•  More SIMATIC PCS 7 migration success stories

Operator training

Simulate before you automate

Your employees learn best from hands-on experience, but your plant can't risk mistakes

SIMIT Simulation Platform creates a digital twin of your automation system, making it possible to test critical scenarios and ensure operators are ready to respond. Our video illustrates how SIMIT provides a realistic yet completely safe training environment for operators.

                                                                                          Additional information

                                                                                          •  Flyers: SIMIT | SIMIT Virtual Controller | SIMIT UNIT

                                                                                          •  White paper: Benefits of process simulation

                                                                                          •  White paper: ARC study on SIMIT and digitalization


Finally, there's an app to prevent control valve failure

Tap into your valve diagnostic data in real time

Watch this video and discover how the Siemens Valve Monitoring App increases the availability of your assets without disturbing your DCS. The app analyzes diagnostic data from your smart positioner to provide anomaly detection and suggestions for predictive maintenance.

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