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Meet the Distributed Control System Experts

Stacey Jarlsberg

Product Manager, SIMATIC PCS 7

Stacey Jarlsberg has spent the last 35 years providing process and control engineering assistance to a wide segment of the controls market. During the past 17 years, Stacey has been working to provide DCS solutions based on both APACS+ and PCS 7. Specifically, he is responsible for the product management of PCS 7, APACS+ and QUADLOG, including Logic Matrix and the migration products to PC7 including APACS+ OS, OPEN OS and Bailey systems. Stacey spent nine years in the US Navy aboard ships and nuclear-powered submarines. He was responsible for reactor operations and maintenance, and it was there that he developed a passion for automation. | LinkedIn profile

Mike McCollum

Technical Consultant, Process Automation

Mike McCollum has been working in process automation with Siemens for eight years. Starting out as a PCS 7 Systems Engineer, he has worked on and commissioned engineering projects, primarily in the food & beverage industry. As a Technical Consultant he is responsible for technical sales support in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US regions, supporting DCS, MES and other products in the Siemens portfolio and focusing on customers in all industries, especially chemical and pharmaceutical. Mike earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Temple University. | LinkedIn profile

Paul Morgan

Application Engineer, Process Automation

Paul Morgan has more than 25 years of experience in the process industry, with a primary focus on SIMATIC PCS 7 and process safety. He is a certified Process Safety Specialist as well as a course developer and instructor for F-Systems. Paul holds a BS in Electrical and Computing Engineering from Ohio University. | LinkedIn profile

Ronald Nijssen

Senior Consultant, Process Automation

Ronald Nijssen focuses on pre-sales, post-sales consultancy, knowledge sharing and migration of legacy DCS systems to SIMATIC PCS 7 for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Ronald has been with Siemens for more than 30 years and has held previous roles in application engineering, factory automation consulting and product marketing management. | LinkedIn profile

Robert Purvy

Technical Consultant Manager, Process Automation

Robert Purvy has 21 years of experience in the process control industry. He has worked as a Batch Systems Engineer responsible for configuration, commissioning and start-up of chemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. He has functioned in a Lead Engineering role supervising large project teams in the execution of process control projects and in a sales and marketing role supporting the pursuit of new project business. He has also served as a Senior Batch Consultant responsible for design of batch control system architectures and consulting services as part of front-end engineering efforts. He currently manages a team of Senior Consultants responsible for technical sales support for process control solutions. | LinkedIn profile

Amanda Thompson

Product Marketing Manager, Process Automation

Amanda Thompson has US product management and marketing responsibilities for the SIMATIC PCS neo distributed control system as well as the SIMIT Simulation Platform for virtual commissioning and operator training. Before coming to Siemens, Amanda spent three years in the process industry in both engineering and operations roles. Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA.

amanda.thompson@siemens.comLinkedIn profile

Doug Ortiz

DCS Product Manager, Process Automation

Doug has DCS Project experience, designing and implementing Control Systems, as well as 10 years in application engineering. As Product Manager, Doug is focused on ensuring current and potential customers are informed on the lastest innovations from best practices for new installations to guiding modernization of existing plants. | LinkedIn profile

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