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Robert Purvy

Technical Consultant Manager, Process Automation

Robert Purvy has 21 years of experience in the process control industry. He has worked as a Batch Systems Engineer responsible for configuration, commissioning and start-up of chemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. He has functioned in a Lead Engineering role supervising large project teams in the execution of process control projects and in a sales and marketing role supporting the pursuit of new project business. He has also served as a Senior Batch Consultant responsible for design of batch control system architectures and consulting services as part of front-end engineering efforts. He currently manages a team of Senior Consultants responsible for technical sales support for process control solutions. | LinkedIn profile

Ethan Cook

Application Engineer, Process Automation

Ethan Cook focuses on process automation and digitalization in the chemical industry. During Ethan’s eight years with Siemens, he has been able to work with a wide range of Siemens Industry products. Ethan previously worked as part of the SIMATIC PCS 7 project execution team, where he engineered and implemented projects for a variety of US customers. He brings that experience into his current role in order to help customers find the best overall solution for their automation needs. Ethan graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. | LinkedIn profile

Iiro Esko

Chemical Industry Manager, Process Automation

Iiro Esko has a background in chemical engineering with 10 years of experience in digital twinning and the application of these digital twins in the process industries. Iiro has worked for Siemens in several different areas and countries, focusing on the application, business development and commercial aspects of digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies. His current role is based in Houston, Texas, aiming to promote the use of new technologies in the chemical industry. Iiro earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in Tampere, Finland. | LinkedIn profile

Don Mack

Industry & Automation Alliance Manager, Process Automation

During Don Mack’s 30+ years with Siemens, he has held roles in pre-sales technical support, marketing, sales and business development. In his current Industry Manager role, Don is focused on finding process automation and digitalization solutions for Siemens customers and presents in industry and web conferences on a regular basis. In his Alliance Manager role, Don works closely on a global basis with one of Siemens’ key customers in the chemical industry, providing technical education and support to the company’s plant and corporate personnel. Don graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. | LinkedIn profile

Praveen Muniyappa

Chemical Industry Manager, Process Automation

Praveen Muniyappa has extensive experience in process automation and instrumentation. He has held roles of increasing responsibility including as a DCS system specialist and lead project engineer as well as a business developer for instrumentation. Praveen earned a Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from R.V. College of Engineering in Bangalore, India, and a Master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Nebraska. He is based in Houston, Texas. | LinkedIn profile

Ben Clark

Strategic Marketing Specialist, Process Automation

Ben Clark is responsible for initiatives and internal strategic marketing to drive the development of the Siemens Process Automation digital portfolio. Ben started his career with Siemens in 2015 as a participant in the Technical Marketing Leadership Development program, which allowed him to rotate through different roles and business units of Siemens. In his final rotation, Ben joined the Process Industries and Drives digitalization headquarters team in Nuremberg, Germany, to understand the Siemens approach toward digitalization and prepare for his current role. He holds an Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from the University of Florida. | LinkedIn profile

Jonas Norinder

Digitalization Manager, Process Automation

Jonas Norinder is responsible for identifying and promoting process optimization opportunities that help companies become more efficient, reliable and agile by using technology, data, analytics tools and services. Jonas joined Siemens in 2006 and has a wealth of international business experience, automation expertise and knowledge of device connectivity and data usage in the age of digitalization. He has presented at several industry conferences focusing on topics related to Industry 4.0, Big Data and Industry 4.0. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Business in Aarhus, Denmark. | LinkedIn profile

Victor Bast

Regional Application Engineer, Process Automation

Victor Bast has worked with the chemical process industries since 1978. Based in Northern California, he has been with Siemens since 2004, providing technical sales support (demos, technical presentations, etc.) for the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. He earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. | LinkedIn profile

Pablo Garcia

Technical Consultant, Process Automation

Pablo Garcia graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic of Valencia, Spain. He joined Siemens in 2000. During this time, Pablo’s roles have been related to DCS design and project execution.

Stacey Jarlsberg

Product Manager, SIMATIC PCS 7

Stacey Jarlsberg has spent the last 35 years providing process and control engineering assistance to a wide segment of the controls market. During the past 17 years, Stacey has been working to provide DCS solutions based on both APACS+ and PCS 7. Specifically, he is responsible for the product management of PCS 7, APACS+ and QUADLOG, including Logic Matrix and the migration products to PC7 including APACS+ OS, OPEN OS and Bailey systems. Stacey spent nine years in the US Navy aboard ships and nuclear-powered submarines. He was responsible for reactor operations and maintenance, and it was there that he developed a passion for automation. | LinkedIn profile

Mike McCollum

Technical Consultant, Process Automation

Mike McCollum has been working in process automation with Siemens for eight years. Starting out as a PCS 7 Systems Engineer, he has worked on and commissioned engineering projects, primarily in the food & beverage industry. As a Technical Consultant he is responsible for technical sales support in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US regions, supporting DCS, MES and other products in the Siemens portfolio and focusing on customers in all industries, especially chemical and pharmaceutical. Mike earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Temple University. | LinkedIn profile

Paul Morgan

Application Engineer, Process Automation

Paul Morgan has more than 25 years of experience in the process industry, with a primary focus on SIMATIC PCS 7 and process safety. He is a certified Process Safety Specialist as well as a course developer and instructor for F-Systems. Paul holds a BS in Electrical and Computing Engineering from Ohio University. | LinkedIn profile

Ronald Nijssen

Senior Consultant, Process Automation

Ronald Nijssen focuses on pre-sales, post-sales consultancy, knowledge sharing and migration of legacy DCS systems to SIMATIC PCS 7 for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Ronald has been with Siemens for more than 30 years and has held previous roles in application engineering, factory automation consulting and product marketing management. | LinkedIn profile

Amanda Thompson

Product Marketing Manager, SIMATIC PCS neo & SIMIT

Based out of Harleysville, Pennsylvania, Amanda Thompson has product management and marketing responsibilities for the new distributed control system, SIMATIC PCS neo, as well as the simulation platform for virtual commissioning and operator training, SIMIT. Before coming to Siemens, Amanda spent three years in the process industry in both engineering and operations roles. Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. | LinkedIn profile

Mike Dalton

Business Developer & Sales Specialist, RFID & RTLS

For more than 25 years Mike Dalton has specialized in the sales and support of wireless systems in various FCC frequency ranges including license-free, WiMax, WiFi and FCC licensed bands. His current position with Siemens allows for a specialty focus on RFID and RTLS solutions for industrial markets. Mike’s experience pertains to data, voice and video applications using point-to-point, mesh and point-multipoint wireless systems for fixed and mobile applications. His background is with several wireless solution manufacturers including Siemens, S&C Electric, Motorola, Western Multiplex and Exalt. Mike holds a BA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. | LinkedIn profile

Jeff Snyder

Product Manager, Industrial Identification

Jeff Snyder has been involved with industrial identification and factory automation for over 30 years. Beginning his career as a machine vision Applications Engineer, Jeff moved into Applications Engineering management as well as Business Development and Product Management. Jeff is currently providing sales and product support for Siemens RFID and RTLS products. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. | LinkedIn profile

Martin Dingman

Business Development Manager, Process Instrumentation

Martin Dingman has over 28 years of experience with process instrumentation, serving in a variety of manufacturing, engineering, project management, marketing and sales roles. He holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. | LinkedIn profile


Herman Coello

Product Marketing Manager, Level Instrumentation

Based in Arlington, Texas, Herman Coello is responsible for business development and marketing of radar, guided wave radar and ultrasonic level instruments. His experience with level instrumentation spans 29 years. Herman has published several papers and articles dealing with process instrumentation and its applications in various industries. He has been heavily involved with training customers and sales representatives on Siemens radar and ultrasonic transmitters and controllers that serve the oil & gas, food & beverage, water & wastewater, chemical, power, cement, aggregate, and mining industries. He holds a BSEE from the University of Texas at Arlington. | LinkedIn profile

John Dronette

Product Marketing Manager, Weighing Instrumentation

John Dronette has more than 30 years of experience in process instrumentation, with a focus on weighing instruments. John has published numerous papers on the use of weighing products in industrial applications. He is a member of the National Conference of Weights and Measures and holds a BSEE from McNeese State University. John is currently responsible for marketing and sales support of Siemens Weighing Technology and Process Protection products in the US. | LinkedIn profile

Eric Heilveil

Product Marketing Manager, Flow Instrumentation

Eric Heilveil has 30 years of experience in industrial flow measurement, working for several companies as a field service manager, application engineer and product line manager, among other roles. Eric has worked extensively in the semiconductor, biotech, water & wastewater, food & beverage, automotive, oil & gas, and chemical industries. He has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. In his spare time he enjoys restoring and riding vintage and antique motorcycles. | LinkedIn profile

Sean McNutt

Product Marketing Manager, Pressure, Temperature & Valve Positioning Instrumentation

Sean McNutt has worked with Siemens since 2005 and is responsible for product marketing and management of the pressure, temperature and valve positioner portfolios for the USA. He has held many roles, including in proposals/strategic sales, technical support and application engineering. As the chemical industry ambassador for Siemens Process Instrumentation, Sean is also able to apply his chemical engineering background from Bucknell University. | LinkedIn profile

Jack Roushey

Product Marketing Manager, Flow Instrumentation

Jack Roushey has worked in the process instrument industry for 45 years and his experience is equally divided between marketing and sales management for multiple flow technologies as well as level, pressure, temperature and liquid analysis products. Jack has served as chapter president of ISA in the Philadelphia area and has been published in numerous technical journals and magazines. He has also been featured in video interviews and has produced a variety of YouTube videos on various process instrumentation and digitalization topics. Jack has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Eastern University. | LinkedIn profile

David Burrell

IT/OT Network Consultant, Process Automation

David Burrell is experienced with network architecture design and implementation along with a focus on cybersecurity. He holds several networking certifications. | LinkedIn profile

Charlie Fialkowski

Marketing Manager, Process Automation & Instrumentation

Charlie Fialkowski is a Certified Functional Safety Expert and has been a Safety Systems Specialist for more than 20 years, with a focus on process safety. He served as Chairman of ISA's Safety Division for both Burner Management (BMS) and Fire and Gas Systems (F&G), and is a former voting member of the ISA's technical committee ISA84 on Safety Systems. He has instructed ISA's BMS, LOPA and SIS courses, published numerous papers on Safety Instrumented Systems, and recently developed ISA’s course on Burner Management Systems (BMS). Charlie holds a BSEE from Oklahoma State University. Fun fact: Charlie is a descendant of Cyrus McCormick! | LinkedIn profile

Luis Garcia

Business Developer, Process Safety

Luis Garcia is a Certified Functional Safety Expert and has been a Safety Systems Specialist for more than 20 years, with a focus on process safety. He serves as a voting member of the ISA's technical committee ISA 84 (Safety and Security). He has developed Safety Instrumented Systems courses in Spanish and English, instructed ISA's courses on the subject, and published numerous papers on Safety Instrumented Systems in The Americas, Europe and Australia. Luis holds Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy & Material Science Bachelor’s degrees obtained in Rosario (Argentina) and Liverpool (United Kingdom). Luis is currently responsible for Siemens Process Safety for The Americas. He was born in Venezuela and is now a US citizen residing in the Houston, Texas, area with his wife, three children and five grandchildren. | LinkedIn profile

Pamela Docherty

Industry Manager, Life Sciences

Pamela Docherty has over 20 years of experience in batch automation, with a focus on pharmaceutical production. Pam earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University. She began her career as a Batch Product Specialist at Siemens Energy and Automation, later taking on roles of increasing responsibility at Merck & Co and Honeywell. In 2013 Pam returned to Siemens Industry, where she now applies her pharmaceutical knowledge to implement Siemens' innovative solutions throughout the life sciences community. Pam is also actively involved in her local ISPE community and is part of the steering committee for Biophorum Operations Group's (BPOG) Technology Roadmap. 

                             | LinkedIn profile

Austin Little

Industry Consultant, Life Sciences

Austin Little is responsible for guiding clients in the Life Sciences industry through the journey of growing their digital enterprise. His experience at Siemens has involved working with end users of digital solutions including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and mobile applications. Austin started his career with Siemens in 2018 after receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. Austin is also actively involved in his local ISPE community with the Delaware Valley chapter. | LinkedIn profile

Cynthia Mason

Digitalization Account Manager, Water & Wastewater Industry

Based in Houston, Texas, Cynthia Mason is responsible for developing digitalization solution packages for clients in the water and wastewater industry. Cynthia's experience with the process industry spans close to 30 years. She has been deeply involved in many of the operational and design aspects of industry and provides insights on how digitalization today helps to transform traditional business models and work practices. | LinkedIn profile