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The innovative, new distributed control system
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Imagine securely managing your plant from any location and device

Watch the video to see fully web-based process control in action with PCS neo, the innovative new distributed control system. The next-generation PCS neo leverages the benefits of HTML5 to increase operator flexibility and reduce complexity.

Future of process automation

neo digitalization: Paving the way to Process Industry 4.0

In times when digitalization is rapidly spreading, those who cling to the status quo are losing out on tremendous potential for improving their own competitiveness. With SIMATIC PCS neo, companies are taking a major step toward the digital transformation which is crucial to future success.

THINK neo – a new world of process control

Prepare for the future of automation today: A future in which new opportunities are created through holistic efficiency gains. A future in which users in the process industries will enjoy intuitive engineering and operation. A future in which web-based collaboration is redefined. Experience what it means to rethink process control technology. Discover SIMATIC PCS neo.

Find out what makes our web-based process control innovation so unique

Discover SIMATIC PCS neo


PCS neo

Web technology, Digitalization, Cyber Security

What do the latest innovations in process automation mean for you? Watch the video to learn more.


Web Technology, Digitalization and Cyber Security

What does the latest innovation in Process Control Mean for you?

Seven major trends are influencing the features and functionality needed in distributed control systems. Read how Siemens is addressing these trends by completely rethinking process automation with the innovative, new process control system — SIMATIC PCS neo— to enhance access, scalability, usability, collaboration, digitalization, and cyber security.



Step towards digitalization with an innovative control system - SIMATIC PCS neo

In times when digitalization is rapidly spreading, those who cling to the status quo risk losing their competitiveness. With its intuitive user interface, device independent operations, and built-in security concepts, web-based control system SIMATIC PCS neo is helping companies take a step towards their digital transformation and future success.

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