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The innovative, new distributed control system
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The innovative control system - SIMATIC PCS neo

Are you keeping up with the latest innovations in automation?

Recent trends towards digitalization, standardization, and optimization are driving new requirements for control systems. 


Find out how your control system can help you collaborate on automation engineering projects and manage plant operations effectively, securely, and from any location. 


Take a step towards digitalization by watching this short video about SIMATIC PCS neo.


Usability vs Capability

Can your control system provide both?

In a recent survey, 95% of respondents said the usability of the control system is very important. Do you agree? What do you look for in a control system when considering ease of use?


SIMATIC PCS neo provides a consistent and intuitive user interface for all engineering tasks – from hardware engineering and control logic configuration to process display development and network planning. Users no longer need to switch between different editors and multiple databases to complete their DCS project, reducing the time and effort to engineer and maintain the system. You can even switch from the engineering to the operations view in the same user interface!


To find out more about what makes SIMATIC PCS neo user friendly, read this eBook.


Plug and produce, a shorter time-to-market and increased flexibility for plant operators

Stop investing weeks of time in integrating package units into your control system! 

Plug and produce capabilities are enabled by modular automation.


How does it work? Package unit suppliers provide pre-tested, automated, and executable modules to the plant operator. These standardized packages include controller information and process pictures that are imported and orchestrated into the overarching control system, providing uniform operation of all process units.


Watch this 60 second demo to learn more. 


Remote support for control system engineering

When you run into a problem during commissioning that can’t be resolved by anyone onsite, what do you do? 

How easy is it to pull in an engineer working remotely for support?


With SIMATIC PCS neo, the remote engineer just needs to connect to the server, open a session, and they can begin diagnosing the problem. After the engineer identifies and corrects the problem, they can publish their changes and make them available to users at the plant automatically!


To see how it works for yourself, check out this demo.


Digitalization – the path to innovation in process control

Your process control technology is a key lever for gaining a competitive edge 

In this dynamic age of digitalization, the system you choose needs to address the complex challenges of both today and tomorrow.


One of the key roadblocks towards digitalization is inconsistency. Inconsistency of control systems across your fleet of plants and inconsistency of engineering workflows from project to project.


Learn more about how you can leverage recent innovations in process control for safer, more efficient operation.

Cyber Security

What will process control look like in 20 years?

We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years but there’s still a long way to go

The world is rapidly changing how we live, work, and communicate and security requirements need to adapt to keep up with the influx of new technologies. Are you prepared for the future?


In this blog post, Siemens Head of DCS Innovation shares where he predicts process automation is headed and how you can get ready.


Find out how control systems are adopting the “Security by Design” principle, modern encryption methods, and the Defense-in-Depth concept to provide a comprehensive approach to plant protection


What do the latest innovations in process control mean for you?

Are you wondering how:

  • Web technology is leveraged to provide better flexibility and mobility in process control?
  • Central data management streamlines engineering workflows?
  • Cybersecurity measures are evolving to keep up with the latest innovations in automation?

Watch this on-demand webinar by Siemens US Product Marketing Manager for Process Control Systems to find out.

Future of process automation

neo digitalization: Paving the way to Process Industry 4.0

In times when digitalization is rapidly spreading, those who cling to the status quo are losing out on tremendous potential for improving their own competitiveness. With SIMATIC PCS neo, companies are taking a major step toward the digital transformation which is crucial to future success.

THINK neo – a new world of process control

Prepare for the future of automation today: A future in which new opportunities are created through holistic efficiency gains. A future in which users in the process industries will enjoy intuitive engineering and operation. A future in which web-based collaboration is redefined. Experience what it means to rethink process control technology. Discover SIMATIC PCS neo.

Find out what makes our web-based process control innovation so unique

Discover SIMATIC PCS neo

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