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Explore the many innovations of the SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system – designed to empower operators, improve safety and much more
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Alarm Management Innovations

Alarm Help

Help Operators Take the Right Action When Process Alarms Appear with SIMATIC PCS 7 Alarm Help

How can you ensure that operators respond appropriately if a process alarm occurs, and that they understand the consequences if no action is taken? In alignment with ISA 18.2, the PCS 7 "Alarm Help" option provides this operator guidance as a standard feature as well as capturing operator comments and key documentation for additional support.

Alarm Management Tools

Eliminate Operator Distractions and Optimize the Process Alarm Experience with SIMATIC PCS 7 Alarm Management Tools

How can you optimize your operators’ process alarm experience and enhance alarm investigations? How do you quickly identify nuisance and jittering alarms that must be addressed? PCS 7 offers standard alarm management tools and reports that keep operators focused on the most important process alarms.

Shelving & Hiding

Alarm Management in SIMATIC PCS 7: Shelving and Hiding Best Practices

Empower your operators to better manage alarms with the built-in functions of PCS 7. Help your team focus on the most important alarms by hiding non-essential messages or shelving alarms during an alarm flood. Reports are automatically generated to capture what was hidden.

Asset Management Innovations

Maintenance Station

Plant Asset Management Made Easy With SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station

Improve your plant asset management and site reliability, help your operators focus, and navigate faster with an automatically generated maintenance status for your devices. The PCS 7 Maintenance Station enables corrective, preventative and predictive diagnostics as well as plant maintenance. It also provides an asset management system for all control system components, including PC stations, network components, controllers, I/O systems and field devices. The Maintenance Station visualization is automatically built and makes it easy to identify the status of your assets since details are just a click away – helping to insure uptime.

Maintenance Status

Quickly Identify Device Maintenance Status in SIMATIC PCS 7

Would you like to be able to check the maintenance status of your devices and have a report automatically generated for you? How about “one-click” navigation to that device on the exact HMI screen that is in alarm? This is an integrated operational and maintenance benefit of the PCS 7 Measuring Point functionality, which is available when using the Advanced Process Library with Version 9.1 and newer.

System Management Innovations

Software Administration

Save Time Installing and Updating Your PCS 7 Software

How would you like a tool that centrally manages SIMATIC PCS 7 software administration and system inventories across one or multiple plants? What if this tool also provided automated system inventory reports, which help to support system upgrade planning? Learn more about the valuable capabilities of the SIMATIC Management Console.

Automated Identification

Save Time with Automated Identification of Hardware and Firmware Updates in PCS 7

Keep your SIMATIC PCS 7 system up and running, top-performant and cyber secure by updating your control system hardware. With the SIMATIC Management Console, we make it easy to inventory, identify, report on and download all available hardware and firmware version upgrades. This ability extends not only to your control system, but also to your SCALANCE network switches, which are critical for safe and secure communications.

Management Console

Simplified Cyber Security and Windows Software Update Administration in Your PCS 7 System

What if there was an efficient and automated way to manage anti-malware and Microsoft software updates in your SIMATIC PCS 7 system? What if it followed the same steps as your SIMATIC software updates – and integrated reporting and notifications were already built in? That is exactly what Siemens has provided with the SIMATIC Management Console for PCS 7.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Tools and Strategies for SIMATIC PCS 7

You need to keep your virus protection, control system software and firmware up-to-date to protect your operations. PCS 7 from Siemens provides the tools and strategies to simplify your system administration and is designed with cyber security built right in, including the AS410 controller. Learn from Siemens experts and trusted partners about the many ways PCS 7 ensures safety and security for your plant and processes.

Operational Innovations


Reduce Operator Response Time and Improve Safety with High Performance Graphics for SIMATIC PCS 7

What if operators could leverage comprehensive, easy-to-read graphics for improved process monitoring and control? Advanced Process Graphics (APG) for PCS 7 provides with grayscale, embedded trends, group displays, poly-bars, spider diagrams and more. With APG, scalable faceplates and zooming in to accommodate operator preferences and screen sizes (field panels vs. control room) are also possible. Learn how applying this toolset, which is tightly integrated with the PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL), can improve the operator experience and help them focus on the most important data. 

Screen Composition

Minimize DCS Setup Efforts with Personalized Graphic Layouts Using SIMATIC PCS 7 Screen Composition

Have you ever set up a DCS screen and placed your faceplates, trends and sequences in all the right places for a specific process (e.g., a pump start-up)? Wouldn’t it be valuable to save that setup as a “favorite” and be able to refer back to it at any time? Achieve this easily with PCS 7 Screen Composition, a standard part of our HMI. 


Trending Capabilities: Quick Creation of New and Recall of Favorites with the SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL)

Visualizing measurement trends is an important feature of any control system, helping to keep the operator aware of the current process status and informed about past issues. PCS 7 features a built-in trending system that makes it easy for operators to create new trends simply by clicking on the desired process graphic icons, or to recall a favorite trend on-demand. These are standard benefits when using the Advanced Process Library (APL) and the newer versions of PCS 7. 

SFC Visualization

Know Every Step of the Process with Sequential Function Chart (SFC) Visualization for SIMATIC PCS 7

When a series of repeatable steps in a plant is configured as a sequence in PCS 7, operators see a clear display of that sequence – with all the steps, actions and potential issues right at their fingertips. Available as a standard offering with zero added configuration, PCS 7 Sequential Function Chart (SFC) visualizations are a powerful, easy-to-use tool for both engineers and operators.

Interlock Innovations

APL Interlocks

Empower Operators Without Burdening the Engineer: Device Interlock Visualization Using the SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL)

What if an operator could quickly investigate why a device is interlocked via a graphical HMI interface that provides first-out and navigation information to find the source? When you use the PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL), the interlock HMI visualization is automatically generated and updated from the engineering. View the video to learn more about how this feature improves both the operator and engineer experience.

Logic Matrix

Empower Operators Without Burdening the Engineer: Unit Interlock Visualization with SIMATIC PCS 7 Logic Matrix

What if operators could learn a process more quickly by having all possible interlock combinations at their fingertips before one is ever triggered? Even more  experienced operators can benefit from a holistic view of all interlocks across a unit, including their relationship and status, on one screen. View this video to see how Logic Matrix for PCS 7 uses cause-and-effect visualization to empower operators of all experience levels while simplifying engineering.


4x3 Interlock Visualization and Engineering Made Easy With PCS 7

More complex interlocks like a 4x3 with bypass are made easy with the SIMATIC PCS 7 Industry Library blocks, which simplify the engineering process and automatically create visualization. The PCS 7 Industry Library allows operators to navigate through all elements of an interlock, and the timed bypass feature prevents you from leaving an interlock on but allows you to complete a transfer or finish a shift.

Hardware Innovations


The Controller with Cyber Security Built In: SIMATIC PCS 7 AS410H

The PCS 7 AS410H is a universal, scalable, redundancy-capable controller for your regulatory and process safety applications, with IEC 62443-1 cyber security built in. Watch this video to learn more about how the AS410H protects your process by detecting and documenting any cyber threats.


Easy to Install, Easy to Commission: PROFINET in Process Automation

Watch this video to learn about the architectures, scalable solutions and IO types from the controller to the field that drive down the cost of installation and reduce commissioning time.


Siemens Power Supply and PCS 7: Better Together

Did you know you can virtually eliminate plant downtime and its associated costs by integrating your power supply system and distributed control system? View this video to learn more about the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system's prebuilt engineering and simulation libraries designed for direct integration with SIMATIC PCS 7, enabling consistent transparency and immediate detection of critical plant states.

IO Innovations


DCS IO Built for the Process Industries: SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

The process industries require high-availability solutions for regulatory and process safety applications with  rugged design, maximum uptime via redundancy-capable functionality and rich diagnostics. Space is also a consideration – and with the capacity for up to 56 IO cards per IO rail, totaling more than 800 IO, plants can  reduce the number of cabinets to save time and cost.  With predictive maintenance including HART,  complemented by high availability and performance,  the ET 200SP HA is built by the process industries, for the process industries.

IO Digitalization

SIMATIC ET 200SP HA: Bringing Digitalization to the IO Infrastructure

Join Stacey Jarlsberg, SIMATIC PCS 7 Product Manager, as he introduces Siemens’ new line of PROFINET IO for the DCS: ET 200SP HA. Learn firsthand the key benefits and basic architectures of PROFINET, including how to test the entire IO subsystem without having the DCS controller installed. See how ET 200SP HA brings digitalization to the IO infrastructure in a robust and flexible way. Alternate field termination solutions are also covered to explain how the D-SUB terminal block with pre-fab cables can be connected to terminal blocks or relays to support 120VAC discrete inputs and outputs.

IO Rail Assembly

SIMATIC ET 200SP HA: Assembling the IO Rail

Join Stacey Jarlsberg, SIMATIC PCS 7 Product Manager, as he explores the physical components that make up the ET 200SP HA high-availability IO system. You will see how easy it is to assemble the IO rail, including connectivity to the redundant PROFINET (R1) network, redundant power, and the new D-SUB terminal block with pre-fab cables to terminal blocks or relays to support 120VAC discrete inputs and outputs.


Reduce Your Field Wiring, Commissioning and Maintenance Efforts: SIMATIC Compact Field Unit (CFU) IO

Save wiring and installation time by placing your IO in the field near your instruments. By automatically recognizing field devices, the Compact Field Unit (CFU) for PCS 7 reduces engineering and commissioning during initial start-up as well as for smart field instrument replacements. Its industrial design ensures plant uptime by supporting various network architectures, such as a fault-tolerance ring. Use the CFU PROFINET Ethernet fieldbus solution for a quick and diagnostic-rich connection to your smart instrumentation.


Integrated Weighing Solutions With SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIWAREX

Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIWAREX intelligent IO offer operational benefits through the PCS 7 Advanced Process Library HMI faceplates, including reduced time for engineering, troubleshooting and maintenance complemented by enhanced diagnostics.


Fast and Easy Commissioning of Your Siemens PROFINET IO and Networks

Commission your IO and test your PROFINET networks with free PRONETA software – and you won’t need special licenses, an engineering station or any controllers. Get to production faster by working parallel activities, separating the controllers and configuration from the commissioning. With just a laptop and PRONETA, you can empower any team member to test and commission your IO. This video demonstrates PRONETA applied to PROFINET network testing, SIMATIC ET 200SP HA IO for commissioning and system documentation.

High Availability IO

ET 200SP HA as a Successor to ET 200M: Meeting the Highest Requirements of Availability

Highest availability and scalability, robustness, flexible installation: these are just a few of the reasons why SIMATIC ET 200SP HA IO is the right choice for the process industries. Watch this video for a demonstration and visualization of new and improved features.     

Advanced Process Library (APL) Innovations


A Complete Process Automation DCS Library: SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL)

The PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (APL) is a user-influenced DCS library derived from market requirements that meets your needs right out of the box, essentially eliminating the need for hard-to-upgrade customizations. Watch this video to learn more about APL, including a real-life example of a control dashboard for a feedline to a reactor where an operator can effectively start up a set of pumps and open valves.   You will also learn from our Solution Partners’ experiences.  

Tag Browser

Easily Identify Loops in Manual, Interlocked Devices and Bypasses Set: Siemens Tag Browser

It’s common for operators to take valves or pumps to manual for corrective action, but it‘s just as common to forget to set them back to automatic mode. Find all loops still in manual or which devices have bypassed interlocks instantly with the Siemens Tag Browser. This tool lets you focus on the plant areas and devices you want to analyze – and can also help with shift changeovers by allowing operators to leave digital notes for the next shift. Tag Browser comes standard when using PCS 7 with the Advanced Process Library (APL).

Batch Innovations


Optimize Equipment Utilization and Increase Throughput with SIMATIC BATCH

Would you like a higher degree of process flexibility? What if your operations team could quickly adapt recipes, visually review them and amend production schedules from the user interface? The SIMATIC BATCH add-on for PCS 7 empowers operators with a batch control center that graphically displays exactly what they need to effectively plan, monitor and control the batch – reducing cycle times and making every operator your best operator. BATCH also provides a production route control system that takes all factors into consideration to optimize the planning, controlling, monitoring and diagnosing of routes. This video explores the many features of SIMATIC BATCH, including example use cases.

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Trusted for decades, yet continually cutting-edge: the SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system is your starting point for exceptional plant performance. Prepare for today's requirements and tomorrow's challenges with PCS 7 – powerful, flexible, secure process control technology from Siemens!