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SIMATIC PCS 7 Distributed Control System

More flexibility, scalability, availability, safety and security
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How can you IO reduce downtime, cost, and maintenance?

The right IO enables high system availability, optimal use of space and minimal maintenance requirements to reduce costs

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Alarm management

Streamline your alarm management

Improve plant safety

Easily prioritize alarms, avoid flooding your operators on alarms that may not be as critical and guide them on what corrective actions to take. In this attached white paper, we break down step-by-step the functionality you need to be aligned with the ISA 18 standard and the impact it will have on your plant operations and safety.


Are your operational KPI and your operator HMI graphics aligned?

Receiving data in an easily understandable and actionable way is key

Learn how operations can use key performance indicators to improve production processes. High performance graphics leveraging the ISA 101 standard can help. In this study, Pigler Automation explains how to optimize a gas turbine and they share the best practices that they learned along the way.


Is your DCS controller protecting you from cyber threats?

A flexible and powerful controller is needed for complex applications in the process industries. 

By incorporating the right controller into your automation tasks you’re ensured not only the highest degree of availability but exceptional security against cyberthreats. Read this document to learn more about your options.

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Empower operators with the right data

Do your operators have the tools to address interlocks without having to reach out for help?

Watch the attached video to learn how a new tool can simplify troubleshooting to improve efficiencies. This tool enables quick visualization of interlocks, what is holding them out and first out indication that enables operators to answer all their questions quickly and independently. See for yourself in this short video.


Increase quality and repeatability, improve your OEE

Would you like to do more with your production assets to improve quality and repeatability?

Batch automation, based on the ISA S88 standards, can help reduce batch cycle times, increase flexibility and help you meet new production challenges.  Take a look at the following article to learn more about CABB’s Jayhawk site optimized batch production with PCS 7 SIMATIC Batch process control solutions to ensure quality for fine chemical customers with specialized requirements for active ingredients and advanced intermediates.

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How can you reduce your IO footprint and save on cost?

Increased uptime and savings by design

Get to know SIMATIC ET200SP HA. Watch our video to learn more about the savings you can realize from the high-availability features of this rugged process I/O.


3 Benefits of a DCS that speaks digitalization

Birla Carbon migrates DCS for continuous optimization

The successful migration of the plant's distributed control system was critical to both the company's bottom line and the plant's ability to continue delivering its outsized contributions.

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