The stylized image of the inner workings of a control panel. Four yellow bands visualizing the stream of data between components run through the gap between the hardware on the left- and right-hand sides.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Distributed Control System

More flexibility, scalability, availability, safety and security in process automation 
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DCS of the future

Introducing SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9.1

Take the next step toward increased plant availability and long-term productivity with the newly released Version 9.1 of the proven SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system!


SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.1 prepares your plant for the future with more security, proactive lifecycle management and innovative plant engineering. You benefit from:

  • Failsafe I/Os with the powerful SIMATIC ET 200SP HA peripheral system
  • Enhanced cybersecurity with support for Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 and Windows Server 2019
  • Technological engineering with SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator V3.1
  • More efficient upgrade strategies thanks to tailor-made tools and services
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PCS 7 hardware innovations

Digitalization down to the field level

With a portfolio of PROFINET-ready, robust and secure hardware innovations, SIMATIC PCS 7 paves the way for plant-wide digitalization.
PCS 7 in detail

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More than 20 years of innovative spirit, thousands of installations worldwide and all the tools you need for integrated engineering and operation. How can the SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system support the entire lifecycle of your plant?

Remarkable DCS projects. Unique stories.

Countless companies from a wide variety of industries rely on the SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system to optimize their processes. Get to know some of these applications and learn more about the technology, the people and the stories behind them!
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To remain competitive over the long term, companies of all industries must ensure – and ideally increase – the availability and productivity of  machines and plants. As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive technology and industry expertise.

Trainings and -Learnings for SIMATIC PCS 7

The SIMATIC PCS 7 training program from SITRAIN is a winner: every SIMATIC PCS 7 course gives you thorough skills to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of your plant.

Virtualize your process control systems

Minimum downtime and an optimal deployment of personnel and resources are key to successful plant operation. 

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