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Industrial 5G. For the industry of tomorrow.

Industrial 5G will change the way we make decisions, manufacture products, and maintain factories.

Industrial 5G. The future “speaks” 5G – and so do we

Industrie 4.0, the smart factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – these are the future of industrial manufacturing. Designing production plants and intralogistics to be more flexible, autonomous, and efficient requires the right communication framework and comprehensive connectivity. The new 5G communication standard opens up important new prospects.
Industrial 5G opens the door to the comprehensive, wireless networking of production, maintenance, and logistics. High data rates, reliable and powerful broadband transmission, and ultra-short latencies will enable a significant boost in efficiency and flexibility in industrial value creation. That’s why Siemens is embracing this new communication standard right from the start, and is supporting its standardization and industrial implementation by developing a corresponding portfolio."
Klaus Helmrich, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

Industrial 5G. Our commitment to the future.

Before the green light for the smart factory can be given, new concepts and technologies are required – from production to intralogistics and transportation. There is already talk of applications such as mobile robots in production, autonomous vehicles in the transportation and logistics sectors, IIoT, augmented reality applications for service and maintenance technicians, and virtual reality applications for users. But all these applications place demands that would quickly push today’s networks to their limits. The unprecedented reliability, extremely low latencies, and comprehensive IIoT connectivity of industrial 5G can clear the way for pioneering applications in the industrial environment.


In its search for long-term, sustainable communication solutions, Siemens is now investigating the terrain for industrial 5G and actively supporting the development and technological implementation of the new standard.

Industrial 5G. Making new applications possible.

Mobile equipment

Mobiles Equipment

From smartphones and field PGs to industrial tablet PCs and RFID handheld devices, the number of mobile devices in the industrial environment is growing dramatically. At the same time, an increasing number of devices is available for handling the growth in smart communication between machines and applications. All these devices require a reliable network. Industrial 5G provides the necessary connectivity.

Autonomous machines

Autonome Maschinen

Mobile robots in production as well as machines and devices that are seamlessly interconnected and communicate autonomously are basic components of highly flexible and, at the same time, efficient production – and for Industrie 4.0. They require low latencies and extremely reliable communication. Industrial 5G optimally meets these requirements.

Assisted Work

Assisted Work

In the future, augmented reality applications will ensure that service and maintenance technicians are deployed more rapidly, safely, and efficiently. But also machine operators can benefit from AR, for example for teach-in and operation. Industrial 5G provides the high bandwidth necessary for transmitting data-rich audiovisual information.

Autonomous logistics

Autonome Logistik

The future of efficient intralogistics depends on the autonomously navigating and cooperating vehicles and robots known as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). Industrial 5G guarantees the necessary low-latency and highly reliable data transmission.

Industrial Edge

Industrial Edge

Industrial Edge combines local, high-performance data processing directly on the automation level with the benefits of the cloud. Industrial 5G provides reliable connectivity and a high bandwidth for exchanging data between Edge devices and the cloud. The low latencies enable fast decision making. Results can be analyzed immediately and the analysis data shared and made globally accessible.

Good to know

Industrial 5G. A look behind the scenes.

There’s a lot that’s worth knowing about a new communication standard like Industrial 5G. Here you’ll learn interesting facts – for example, about the development that started in 1979 with 1G and is now progressing to 5G.

Industrial 5G. The evolution from 1G to 5G.

Industrial 5G. Bundle expertise.

Cooperating for the future – 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation

How can the manufacturing and process industries consistently benefit from the new 5G communication standard? And what is needed for 5G to meet the high requirements of industry? The 5G-ACIA global initiative was established at the beginning of 2018 with these challenges in mind. As a member of this initiative, Siemens is directing the future of industry – in collaboration with other well-known companies from the automation and manufacturing industries and leading organizations in the field of information and communication technology.


Go to the 5G-ACIA website


Industrial 5G. We’re working on it.

Industrial 5G raises a lot of questions, we’re aware of that. And because we know that, we at Siemens maintain a separate research team devoted to this topic. Our experts are hard at work on the new communication standard and its implementation in the industrial and manufacturing environment.

Keyvisual Siemens Industrial 5G