Industrial communication networks

Securing the connection between industrial communication networks and enterprise IT

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Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial digitalization requires industrial networks

In the future Internet of Things, communications-capable machines will be by far the most common type of device. At the same time, the number of networked industrial robots in use every year will double. The volume of data will also enjoy substantial growth. This development highlights the fact that digitalization is possible only in combination with powerful data communications.

Modernizing industrial communications: Making the digital thread real

Today and in years to come, Digital Enterprises supported by advanced industrial communications and backed by fully aligned IT and OT teams will enjoy distinct competitive advantages over those without.

With a vibrant, coherent thread of data running end-to-end through their operations, companies can execute their business strategies faster, gain performance feedback and insights sooner, respond to market changes and opportunities more quickly, and improve their time to market with new products and services.

Network security in industry

IT security is growing in importance with the increase in Ethernet-based networking through to the field level. After all, the risks of potential cyber attacks in an automated system are much greater than attacks on office networks – and in the worst case, they can threaten both people and the environment. In response, we offer a solution – in the form of Defense in Depth – that provides end-to-end and multi-level protection against both external and internal attacks. Network security includes checking all interfaces, like those between office and plant networks, and checking remote accesses to the Internet. It may take the form of a firewall or the creation of a protected secure zone (a “demilitarized zone,” or DMZ). 

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Products and services for industrial networks

The planning, design, and implementation of reliable and powerful communication networks demand both ability and technical knowledge. We are your skilled partner in helping ensure that your company-wide communications are designed to be future-proof.
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Tailor-made for industry

Industrial and mission critical communication networks are much more complex than traditional office networks. Successfully planning, designing, and implementing them therefore requires a partner that has extensive experience in this area, as well as thorough knowledge of automation and operational technology across industries.
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We know industrial communication networks

Building the right network that achieves desired results requires bringing the right stakeholders to the table, developing a common strategy, leveraging education and building strong partnerships.
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Around the world, companies from all industries rely on our skills in future-proof communication networks.


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It takes professional support to get the most out of today’s complex industrial communication networks. And that’s exactly what you get with Siemens or one of its certified Solution Partners.

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