Digital Substation

digital substation

How much money are U.S. utilities predicted to spend annually on digital grid?

  • Energy systems are becoming increasingly decarbonized, distributed and digitalized. We continue to hear the terms “smart grid” or “active grid”, and statistics show that a majority of our nation’s utilities are investing in technologies in support of these trends. With no signs of slowing down, especially in light of recent Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA), it’s clear digitalization is having a huge effect on the power industry.

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In this guide, we explore the benefits of a Digital Substation and outline Siemens’ RUGGEDCOM solution, based on the global IEC 61850 standard for communications. Whether you are an early adopter of IEC, or you’ve taken a more cautious partial-adoption approach, this standard is gaining more popularity in the U.S., with many utilities deciding to cherry-pick portions of the standard and test at various levels.  

What's inside the guide?

  • 6 key benefits of a Digital Substation
  • High level benefits summary for Grid Operations Management
  • RUGGEDCOM solution spanning Process Bus, Station Bus, Network Backbone, up to the Control Level.
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