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Gain a holistic understanding of cyber risks, threats, response and best practices in maturing your cybersecurity strategy.
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Avoid your factory becoming the latest headline

Manufacturing is clearly in the crosshairs of cyberattacks. Factories are humming along and making money - and so are the hackers. Cyberattacks are up 250%. Manufacturing accounted for one-third of cyber incidents and 65% of all ransomware attacks. Experts are urging industry to increase knowledge of OT cybersecurity and the people, processes, factories and facilities to get cyber smart - and get there fast.

Who should attend?

  • Executives responsible for developing strategy and managing risk
  • IT and OT professionals that manage networks
  • Engineers that design and specify equipment
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Cyber-Physical Protection at Machine Speed

Making a two-second cyber response time possible.

Cyber-attacks are designed to cause harm. Harm is not just in the form of production interruptions and equipment damage. There are also environmental impacts, health and safety issues and financial charges as well as long-term reputational damage to your brand. Regarding monetary losses, historical data shows roughly one million dollars per incident and rising quickly. Some industries, such as Pharma, now set aside ten times that amount in the event of a successful attack.


There is a better way forward. Speed of response is key. We can learn from mission-critical organizations, such as the military, where the target response time is advised as less than two seconds.


In Industry, the norm has been to allow the IT organization to assess the criticality of an event, then notify the OT organization, and then the OT organization acts. You would be lucky if this process happens in two days, much less two seconds, while the losses continue to add up.


In reality, cyber-attacks occur at machine speed so your response needs to be at machine speed. Please join our webinar to learn how to accomplish the two-second cyber response time.

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Did you miss any of our previous sessions? They are available to view on-demand at anytime. Check out the topics and access the recordings below.

Moving from presumed trust to assumed breached.

For many industrial control systems (ICS), trust has historically been assumed. Given the long-term use of these assets, when any ICS was designed, it was presumed that the asset owner and manufacturers knew what should and should not be trusted as critical to their systems.


As we enter an era of Zero Trust, we move from presumed trust to assumed breached - where nothing is trusted without verification and minimal access is granted. Zero Trust introduces challenges that impact the use of legacy equipment, remote access for OEMs and integrators, warranties for automation controls equipment, and potential disruption to processes.


During this webinar, Fortinet and Siemens will explore the Zero Trust mindset necessary across OT and IT to secure modern and legacy solutions while supporting remote access and protecting resources (assets, processes, services, etc.) within a network boundary.

Can you afford to be out of business for weeks? 

When you mix people in a business of any size with data processing, it is a matter of WHEN (not IF) you will have a security incident to manage.  Whether that incident is merely a hiccup or escalates into a reputational and legal blow to your business all comes down to your diligence and planning.  Your organization’s ability to properly assess the impact of any incident, mitigate any harm, and properly resume or maintain business operations (all the while maintaining your customers’ and employees’ trust) is directly tied to your data governance planning.  Lastly, it is not all about legal or compliance risks.  Expanding international, federal and state regulations make having an information security plan (and executing it) a priority to even compete in certain marketplaces, be eligible for certain business opportunities, and sometimes stay in business.  


In this interactive session, Scot Ganow, Taft Partner and Chair of the firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice, will leverage real-world experience to walk you through:

  • The current threat and legal landscape of data governance and security.
  • Understanding the current and developing regulations governing the processing of personal and sensitive information.
  • Best practices to reduce risk to your enterprise and increase the likelihood of a (timely) recovery from a security incident.
  • The do’s and don’ts of incident response management.
  • Dealing with a ransomware attack impacting not only the confidentiality of data but also ACCESS to your information systems.

OT cybersecurity truths learned - often the hard way - by operators and engineers.

Cybersecurity is a large and complex set of issues. Operational Technology (OT) is the life blood of a manufacturing company and OT has enabled increased efficiencies, higher quality, extreme flexibility, and faster time to market. Yet, the OT networks are often neglected or underserved when it comes to cybersecurity.  


There is nothing static about cybersecurity in an OT environment. We can’t sit still.


As operational leaders we must pivot to encourage IT/OT collaboration to quickly gain visibility into the OT networks and systems. This is so we can shore up the technical controls while building an OT Cyber Program, which can guide us to  achieve a sustainable, continuous improvement mindset. 


This session will lay the foundation for OT leaders to understand the issues while learning that there are many OT-specific tools to help solve them.

  • It’s not IF, but WHEN!
  • Blackhole networks: Why most companies have little to no visibility into their manufacturing networks and systems.
  • Insurance can be a PARTIAL answer, but it will not and cannot cover all risks!
  • There are many ways that OT systems can be improved. Be aware, It’s a journey, not a destination.

Our expert speakers provide insight from years of experience working with industrial cybersecurity.

Industrial cybersecurity requires a culture change for most organizations to survive. The ramifications of a cyberattack to any organization, large or small, are too much to ignore. Many organizations find themselves in a situation where they don’t know where to start, so they choose to ignore the need.


Join Siemens during a live in-depth panel discussion as we expose the concerns of Industrial Cybersecurity and what measures can be taken to limit exposure.

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