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Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Manufacturers

The live virtual event from Jan. 28th is now available on-demand!

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Welcome to the Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Manufacturers

An exchange on striking the balance between IIoT / digitalization and operations cybersecurity

The security of OT networks is a critical risk management threat that all executives should prioritize. We've brought together industry thought leaders and leading experts on operations cybersecurity to share new perspectives on securing one of your biggest assets - the manufacturing floor.
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The program

Our guest speakers provided battle-tested insight on industrial cybersecurity topics that affect your company.
keynote speaker theresa payton

Keynote: Why industrial cybersecurity is a risk management topic that all manufacturing executives must address 

Theresa Payton, First female White House Chief Information Officer (CIO), “Top 25 Most Influential People in Security” by Security Magazine, 2019 Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year, Co-founder Dark3 and Fortalice Solutions.


Managing cybersecurity risk is what Payton knows and does best. Before overseeing IT operations as CIO for President George W. Bush and his administration, she held executive roles in banking technology for two of the country’s top financial institutions. After serving in the White House, she went on to co-found Dark3, a cybersecurity product company, and Fortalice Solutions, a world-class cybersecurity consulting firm ranked a “Top 5 Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company” in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.  Read full bio.


Topics covered:  

  • Real cyberattacks and their impact on manufacturers
  • Ransomware as a unique threat to OT networks
  • How OT cybersecurity can prevent IT attacks from disrupting OT networks
  • ROI as a benefit of OT cybersecurity

The recording for this session has expired.  We invite you to view the recordings for the other sessions in the forum.

Expert Panel Discussion: How can manufacturers mitigate risks of cyberthreats, sabotage and accidental manipulation?

Open Panel and Q&A

  • Thomas Dager, CISO, ADM, View bio
  • Bill Podborny, CISO, Constellation Brands, Inc. View bio
  • Rob Dyson, Partner, IBM Global Security Services, View bio
  • Larry O'Brien, ARC Advisory Group, View bio

Presentation: Identifying the right investments and OT cybersecurity solutions to protect your manufacturing network

Chuck Tommey, OT Cybersecurity Consultant, Siemens Digital Industries, View bio

  • Current and future OT cybersecurity trends
  • Why ransomware is a common and unique threat to manufacturers and how to protect against it
  • Manufacturing safety and cybersecurity parallels including ROI
  • Role of cybersecurity insurance in manufacturing

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