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Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Water and Wastewater

The live virtual experience from Oct. 14 is now available on-demand.

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Welcome to the Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Water and Wastewater

Risks, regulations, and readiness: Preparing our water and wastewater systems for the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow

Even as cyber threats increase in scale and frequency to critical infrastructure sectors, the water industry shows a varied level of preparedness from one utility to the next. Implementing an effective cybersecurity program is both necessary and achievable. We've gathered industry leaders and technology experts to examine the current state of cybersecurity in the water sector and share practical advice on securing your facility against threats.
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Whether it is navigating regulations, lack of knowledgeable personnel or limited resources, there are many practical approaches to reducing your exposure. Our guest speakers provided battle-tested insight on operational technology topics that affect water and wastewater utilities across the country.

Keynote: An analysis and outlook of cybersecurity in the water sector.

Michael Arceneaux has worked in the water sector since 1995.  He is currently the managing director of WaterISAC as well as the chief operating officer of the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, which operates WaterISAC.  Michael and his team deliver of a steady flow of actionable and practical resources to its water and wastewater utility members and other water sector and government professionals.  Prior to joining the water sector, Michael worked for former U.S. Sen. John Breaux and served as an intelligence specialist in the U.S. Navy.  


Topics covered:

  • Status overview of cybersecurity in W&WW
  • Cybersecurity risks for W&WW  – including ransomware
  • Importance of IT / OT collaboration
  • Regulations – what’s here and what’s coming
  • How to be ready for what’s coming

Expert Panel Discussion: Preparing your water facility for an effective cybersecurity strategy - moving the needle and overcoming obstacles.

Open Panel and Q&A

  • Bob Schwarm, IT Director (The Metropolitan District, Hartford, CT)
  • Esteban Azagra, PMP, EUR ING, IAMB, Senior Vice President (Arcadis, Inc.)
  • Richie Fortenberry, P.E., Consulting Engineer/ Operations Manager (Prism Systems)

Presentation: Getting started on the path to a practical cybersecurity program with limited resources.

Chuck Tommey,  OT Cybersecurity Consultant (Siemens Digital Industries)  View bio
Ford Cheeseman, Network Consultant (Siemens Digital Industries) 

  • Review real-life W&WW cybersecurity breaches
  • Why W&WW cybersecurity matters regardless of job title, but especially C-Level
  • Proven approaches and technologies that can stop a breach
  • The importance of a cybersecurity assessment
  • NIST, IEC, NERC CIP as examples of what may be coming
  • How to get a head start to save time and money
  • Example implementation

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