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Expert support for future-proof communication networks

First-class network components alone will not be enough to create a first-class industrial communication network. A thorough understanding of network designs is at least as important. You get both when you deal with us and our certified Solution Partners. And that pays off for you: We give you professional help in developing your network solution, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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From design to implementation

How can you ensure that a communication network will meet all current and future industry requirements? And how do you get the most out of the potential offered by state-of-the-art networks? The best way is to work with a reliable, skilled partner that’s every bit at home in industrial automation as in designing and implementing communication networks. In other words: with Siemens.
Professional support for future-proof networks

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Know where you stand today

Let us take a comprehensive look at your current network and make the best recommendations to take you into the future.  The preliminary work starts with an on-site visit to thoroughly review and document the existing network, determine weak points in performance and specify needs. We perform this evaluation review with you. That saves both time and costs, and ensures the project will be smoothly implemented.

Uncover and pinpoint pitfalls within your existing network impeding performance through comprehensive benchmark testing and expert assessments.


Provide a documented audit report (including but, not limited to):

  • Existing network architectures
  • Inventory of devices
  • Benchmark tests results
  • Recommended reports to ensure a robust industrial Ethernet network


Key Benefits

  • Ensures continuous monitoring of the health of the network
  • Anticipates and predicts issues before they occur
  • Addresses current issues and complaints
  • Provides recommendations for full growth potential
Industrial Network Health Check

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Identify and gauge security vulnerabilities within your existing network architecture with an in-depth analysis, recommended actions and help with implementing solutions.

  • Discovery and analysis
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Audit reports
  • Implementation plans
  • Design, development and delivery of security solutions


Key Benefits

  • Uncovers vulnerabilities and potential risks in the current network architecture
  • Captures and documents details of findings and recommendations
  • Provides a path forward to close gaps and protect people and assets




Industrial Network Security Assessment

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The right design from the start

If you're ready for a network expansion or upgrade but not sure where to begin, we have you covered with our tried and tested experience.  We perform a thorough performance analysis of your network and infrastructure as part of our Network Design Services and Radio Frequency (RF) Planning and Site Survey Services. We then work with you to determine which levers will work best to meet the required needs.

Need help with a new network or want to optimize or expand an existing network? Our highly skilled network architects are experts at pulling it all together.

  • Define network parameters such as: eRSTP, VLANs, IP addresses, HRP and MRP, routing protocols
  • Create wiring diagrams, and network port assignments

  • Define firewall rule sets


Key Benefits

  • Ensures proper network implementation
  • Eliminates ad hoc configurations

  • Provides documented network design

Network Design Services

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Looking to expand your footprint? Is your wireless network underperforming? A site survey lays the foundation to ensure your  network deployment,  expansion or upgrade is engineered for success.


Define RF coverage

  • Assign frequency while minimizing interference
  • Provide guidance that supports infrastructure needs
  • Assess RF interferences in the area
  • Confirm physical location and surrounding environment

Key Benefits

  • Provides insight of the coverage prior to implementation
  • Eliminates ad hoc configurations
  • Provides documented coverage and frequency planning for intended area
  • Helps minimize any interference with users of the same frequency in the area of implementation
  • Provides confidence with the theoretical RF Plan
  • Defines a detailed Bill of Material for installation, reducing potential scope gaps
RF and Wireless Site Survey

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Hit the ground running

Minimize the risk of malfunctions and outages in your communication network with our proven Pre-Configuration and Testing Services . Our Implementation Services also let you benefit from rapid commissioning and certainty during the construction stage, all of which will ensure the smooth operation of your plant and network. 


Significantly reduce risk of on-site DoA and failure of essential / critical deployments through hardware pre-configuration and testing by certified professionals.


  • Create configuration files for upload to devices

  • Pre-configure hardware per project requirements prior to delivery

  • Testing of equipment before shipping (Factory Acceptance Testing, FAT)

    Key Benefits

  • Reduces on-site and installation time

  • Ensures correct operation of network before hardware delivery


    Provides baseline configuration before testing on-site


When it comes time to implement, our experienced team gets you up and running quickly, ensuring a secure and scalable design that will optimize your installation and network uptime.

  • Configure hardware per project requirements

  • Testing of equipment

  • Installation and commissioning of SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM hardware via qualified partners and subcontractors

Key Benefits

  • Ensures an accelerated, accurate on-site implementation based on years of experience, training and certification.

Targeted training for the real world

Once a new project is implemented, plant or facility employees will require prompt training to make sure your new network runs perfectly and is efficiently maintained. The complex nature of the latest enterprise-wide communication networks makes it important to understand the system as a whole. We share this knowledge with you as part of our training offerings, which analyze the interconnection between automation systems and IT systems from the ground up. Our range of training options include both custom training and standard courses offered through our Industrial Networks Education Program. 

Customized training is the perfect path for companies looking to design a course based on their unique learning objectives.  Custom training can be designed around new products or around specific project requirements. We work directly with customers to identify primary goals of the training, and design a course tailor-made for you. 


Key Benefits:

  • Teams gain competence in products/applications that are essential to their operations

  • Private class allowing for high engagement on company-specific challenges 

  • Fosters a learning culture in the organization
  • Team training equates to increased uptime, flexibility and reliability of your company’s industrial networks
Customized Training

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Gain the essential knowledge and skills for planning and implementing industrial networks and connecting them to business systems. Learn how to operate, maintain or troubleshoot an existing industrial network. Siemens Industrial Networks Education Program offers today's networking professionals the opportunity to become either Certified Professional or Certified Expert in a variety of networking topics.  Our courses cover Wired, Wireless, Security, and Network Management.  For a deeper dive, visit our webpage.

Our comprehensive course offering

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How should industrial communication networks be planned, dimensioned, implemented and above all, made secure?  See how these different companies worked with Siemens Professional Services.
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It takes professional support to get the most out of today’s complex industrial communication networks. And that’s exactly what you get with Siemens or one of its certified Solution Partners.

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