Rugged communication to upgrade and expand water delivery applications

In fresh water delivery and wastewater processing

In water and wastewater treatment operations, reliable and timely data can make all the difference in improving efficiency and reducing costs. Antiquated communication architectures may barely be able to keep up with existing SCADA applications, let alone have the bandwidth, security features, scalability, and environmental ruggedness required to connect to remote sites or add more applications. These limitations handcuff management from making better, informed decisions.

Products at their best when the environment around them is at its worst

Prepared for W/WW challenges

We offer a comprehensive cost effective portfolio of network infrastructure solutions that are an ideal fit for water and wastewater operations.

Our products are designed with ruggedness from the onset, not industrially hardened after the fact.  You can rest easy knowing that when you’re up against extreme climatic conditions, high levels of electro-magnetic interference, resistance to intense vibration or shock, or environmental pollutants, we can architect a network topology that will deliver your data reliably:

  • Multi-mile wireless communications across challenging terrain to distant lift stations, water towers and reservoirs;
  • WiFi hotspots for your mobile work force; and
  • Adding applications such as surveillance.


Partner for mission-critical networks

Products and services for rugged networks

The planning, design, and implementation of reliable and powerful communication networks demand both ability and technical knowledge. We are your skilled partner in helping ensure that your company-wide communications are designed to be future-proof.
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