Securely connect to your industrial network from a distance.

Features and benefits

Pre-configured solutions for easy implementation

  • Secure access control by users, groups and devices

  • Encrypted and authenticated communication

  • Cellular or wired on-site security appliances

  • Activity logging options for enhanced security

  • Secure rendezvous server v. point-to-point

  • Customer owned, on-site host or remote host service options for ease-of-use

remote networks

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Secure remote access is made easy with SINEMA Remote Connect, SCALANCE industrial routers and Industrial Security Appliances.  Our promotional packages allow you to test the solution at a minimal cost. 

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Case Study

System integrator CHASCO supports key customers with secure remote connectivity

As I learned about SINEMA RC, I realized this package would be a strategic business investment when combined with the TIA Portal and WinCC. I saw a lot of potential in using the combination with other customers as well.
Charlie Stoll, President and CEO, CHASCO Automation
See how CHASCO, a small yet growing company in Chattanooga, Tennessee was able to use SINEMA RC to support an asphalt plant in Canada - without the need to travel.

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Learn more about secure remote communication solutions

Secure remote access demonstration and webinar!

Demonstration and webinar of secure remote access solution!

Recently recorded demonstration and webinar

See a recently recoreded demonstration and presentation on secure remote connectivity by Siemens using SINEMA Remote Connect

How does it work? Technical article

Technical article: How does SINEMA Remote Connect work?

Secure management platform for industrial networks

Understand how SINEMA Remote Connect is uniquely positioned to provide the security and flexibility required to help your operation save time and money with remote communication. 

IIoT connectivity packages

Secure cellular device, data plan and SIM card included

IIoT connectivity packages

Our new IIoT connectivity packages represent a secure solution that provides secure remote connectivity through 4G LTE cellular networks with SCALANCE M. This complete package offers a much more cost-effective solution for connecting to remote locations while at the same time greatly simplifying setup and installation. Furthermore, it eliminates the complexity of choosing wireless carriers and data plans while also providing a singular point of contact.

Image of a laptop with the user interface of SINEMA Remote Connect – the management platform for remote networks

Secure management platform for remote networks

Easy secure remote access with SINEMA Remote Connect

The SINEMA Remote Connect server application makes secured remote access to machines and plants easy, for example, for remote maintenance – even if the machines are integrated into third-party networks, like plants operated by the end customers of machine manufacturers.

Industrial network security

Industrial network security

Protect your industrial network

Siemens offers expertise, products and solutions to help you implement a security strategy. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to strengthen your security posture, we are prepared to help you plan and implement a holistic security strategy addressing people, process and technology.

Future-Ready industrial networks

Future-Ready industrial networks

Future-Ready industrial networks

Given the explosion of connected devices and experts forecasting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will grow at 18% annually through 2024 –  it’s a good bet that industrial networks will need to be capable of processing and transmitting large amounts of data from many connected devices. 

Photo of SCALANCE M industrial routers

SCALANCE M secure cellular devices

Optimal connection to public or private networks with SCALANCE M

The SCALANCE M product range includes mobile wireless routers and routers for wired communication. These industrial routers can be used universally in all applications that require industrial remote access: for example, telecontrol and teleservice.

SCALANCE S security appliances

SCALANCE S security appliances

Technology to help secure your network: SCALANCE S

The SCALANCE S Industrial Security Appliances from help protect your network. In doing so, the appliances fulfill the special requirements of automation technology, like simple upgrading of existing plant, ease of commissioning, and minimum downtimes if a fault occurs. The various security measures can be flexibly combined with each other to suit specific security needs.

Image of accessories for remote networks

Accessories for Remote Networks

From antennas to power supplies and PLUGs

Our extensive range of accessories supplements our product portfolio for remote networks. This means that you have everything you need to connect your plants, machines, and mobile applications via remote networks. 



A global standard in secure access management systems

Tailored to the needs of industrial and utility asset owners, this scalable solution provides secure, compliant access to all your Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and associated files. A cybersecurity solution, RUGGEDCOM CROSSBOW is compliant with multiple cybersecurity standards including the NERC CIP.

See the video

See the SINEMA Remote Connect video to learn more

Video explanation and overview of secure remote access

See how the secure remote platform provides a full solution.

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Remote Networks at a glance

Easy remote access to machines and plants

Whether you need solutions for dedicated lines, telephone lines, mobile communication, or the Internet – we offer components for every type of remote connection via private and public remote networks. With our offer, you can establish communication connections for both telecontrol and teleservice.

Your benefits with our Remote Networks portfolio:

  • Low investment and operating costs for monitoring and control of widely distributed stations
  • Reduced travel and personnel costs thanks to remote programming and diagnostics
  • High standard of communication security thanks to integrated encryption and access protection mechanisms
  • Integrated into TIA (Totally Integrated Automation)
  • Five-year warranty on all SCALANCE products

Remote networks in practice

Our portfolio for remote networks is being proven every day in applications around the world. Here are some examples.

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To remain competitive over the long term, companies in industry must ensure – and ideally increase – the availability and productivity of  machines and plants. As your partner, we offer a unique range of services and support based on our extensive technology and industry expertise.

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