SCALANCE W1750D Direct Access Points

High-performance Gigabit WLAN Direct Access Point in industry-related environments

The SCALANCE W1750D Controller-based Direct Access Points use the IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 standard for wireless Gigabit networks in moderate environments. In cafeterias and meeting rooms, the Direct Access Points perform pretty well.

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Product description

SCALANCE W1750D Controller-based Direct Access Points

The Direct Access Points support very high data rates for applications such as video streaming. Typical areas of application are subject to moderate environmental conditions, e.g. as encountered in assembly facilities and adjoining offices or open warehouses.

Efficient network management according to 11ac standard

The high-performance SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45 Direct Access Points manage wireless networks with up to 128 Direct Access Points. For the network management, no separate controller hardware or additional licenses are necessary because the Direct Access Points feature an integrated virtual WLAN controller.

Well-designed for versatile and scalable solutions

With the SCALANCE W1750D devices, wireless networks with particularly high bandwidths can be implemented easily, cost-effectively and scalably. The Direct Access Points can be conveniently supplied with power via Power-over-Ethernet. For worldwide use, country-specific variants are available. Eight omnidirectional antennas integrated into the device ensure a broad radio coverage. The SCALANCE W1750D supports both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. Last but not least, thanks to their modern design and low weight, the Direct Access Points can be flexibly installed indoors, especially on suspended ceilings.

Wireless networks easily managed

In an industry-related environment, there are different requirements for wireless networks than in a purely industrial area. For these cases, the SCALANCE W1750D-2IA RJ45 Controller-based Direct Access Points allow you to manage up to 128 Access Points as a virtual Access Point cluster, set up guest access and user groups, grant authorizations accordingly, and centrally administrate the network. This makes it easy to set up a new WLAN or expand an existing network, for example at a factory site, independent of the production network.

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A Direct Access Point with many advantages

Antennas and accessories

Complete your SCALANCE W products with one of our versatile antenna types featuring different radiation characteristics. Of course, you will also find other accessories that are optimally matched to the SCALANCE products, such as cabling technology and mounting accessories – including cables, lightning protection elements, and plug-in connectors.


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Gigabit WLAN communication in harsh environments

The SCALANCE W1780 Access Points and SCALANCE W1740 Client Modules transmit according to the latest IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 standard. As a result, Gigabit IWLAN applications can also be implemented outside the control cabinet and in harsh environments


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IWLAN – the WLAN for challenging industrial applications

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