Power over Ethernet for industry meets the special requirements of industrial environments

Power over Ethernet for industry – more in one

Meeting the special requirements of industrial environments
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More in one explained

More than data and power via one cable

The demanding and often even harsh environments in industry and high stress of machines and lines require Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions and connected devices that bring more to the table than consumer and office products. Power over Ethernet for industry integrates seamlessly into your existing automation environment and provides robustness and compliance with industrial standards and regulations.

Power for demanding requirements

Industrial communication is one of the cornerstones of a Digital Enterprise and therefore the basis for digitalization. This high significance is reflected in Power over Ethernet for industry. Siemens is also pioneering Power over Ethernet with up to 60 W of power per port in industrial applications. Power over Ethernet plays out its advantages wherever large data transfers and flexible distribution of power are required. Typical applications are surveillance, identification, and locating.

Power over Ethernet meets the high requirements of industrial use to reliably transfer data and power via one cable. Siemens’ long proven industry know-how ensures that our portfolio is robust, secure, and reliable for all industrial applications.
Hannes Barth, Vice President Business Line Industrial & Rugged Networks
Use Cases

Power over Ethernet in practical industrial use

High-performance communication in the industry transportation

In the industry transportation, communication components have to transport large amounts of data (for example height control in tunnels) and often require certain approvals, for example for trackside applications. Siemens offers switches with high bandwidths and high performance that, for example, supply power for cameras with integrated heaters that are used in tunnels. This also enables to transmit data for passenger information system via the Internet and the network backbone even in a train. In the train, the savings in cables are enormous as there is very little space under the train ceiling.

RTLS gateways for AGVs

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs) or lifts in high-bay warehouses must be able to move flexibly without causing restrictions in communication. RTLS gateways, for example, are installed where needed and ensure reliable localization of assets in logistics companies. Thanks to PoE, data and power are supplied via one cable. Installation as well as flexible expansion and modification of the network infrastructure are quick and easy.

Resistance against extreme temperatures and other environmental impacts

Cranes in the steel industry or outdoors are usually subject to adverse environmental conditions. The various crane components like hoists and trolleys are very susceptible to faults during operation due to their different travels. The broad PoE portfolio from Siemens offers components that are salt resistance and have high temperature range as well as IP65 for cabinet-less mounting without a control cabinet (for example in steel mills).

Precise communication in production

In production, both the identification and documentation of produced parts must be precise and reliable. For example, at pick and place workstations the individual work steps are documented in real time and any individual parts that are running low are reported to the MES system. Thanks to PoE, operation and communicative connection to the network takes place via only one cable.


Everything you need for Power over Ethernet for industry

Our offering at a glance

The portfolio of Power over Ethernet for industry devices from Siemens comprises power supply devices up to Industrial Ethernet switches from the product families SCALANCE X and RUGGEDCOM. Moreover, Siemens provides PoE capable end devices like optical identification systems, IWLAN access points and client modules as well as RTLS gateways – even for harsh environments.

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Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Manufacturers

The live virtual event is an exchange on striking the balance between IIoT / digitalization and operations security. Our guest speakers will provide battle-tested insight on industrial cybersecurity topics that affect your company. Plus, experts will be on hand for personal exchange on your unique and specific challenges.

Future-Ready industrial networks

Future-Ready industrial networks

Future-Ready industrial networks

Given the explosion of connected devices and experts forecasting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market will grow at 18% annually through 2024 –  it’s a good bet that industrial networks will need to be capable of processing and transmitting large amounts of data from many connected devices. 

Industrial network security

Industrial network security

Protect your industrial network

Siemens offers expertise, products and solutions to help you implement a security strategy. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to strengthen your security posture, we are prepared to help you plan and implement a holistic security strategy addressing people, process and technology.

Industrial Ethernet Switches – SCALANCE X

Industrial Wireless LAN

SIMATIC RTLS – Real-time locating system

Optical Identification Systems

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Demonstration and webinar of secure remote access solution!

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IIoT connectivity packages

Secure cellular device, data plan and SIM card included

IIoT connectivity packages

Our new IIoT connectivity packages represent a secure solution that provides secure remote connectivity through 4G LTE cellular networks with SCALANCE M. This complete package offers a much more cost-effective solution for connecting to remote locations while at the same time greatly simplifying setup and installation. Furthermore, it eliminates the complexity of choosing wireless carriers and data plans while also providing a singular point of contact.

Rugged Communication

SITOP power supplies

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Secure management platform for industrial networks

Understand how SINEMA Remote Connect is uniquely positioned to provide the security and flexibility required to help your operation save time and money with remote communication.