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Proven Reliability, Quality and Dependability.

RUGGEDCOM solutions provide a level of robustness and reliability that have set the standard for communication networks in harsh environments.  Purpose-built for mission-critical applications, RUGGEDCOM has a reputation and proven track record for reliability. Our products provide uninterrupted performance when competitive products don't.  Top quality engineering, top quality components - backed by our standard 5 year warranty, with optional 10 year warranty on select products. RUGGEDCOM is also in compliance with Executive Order 13957, on Securing the Bulk-Power System. 

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Purposeful Innovation from an Industry Leader 

RUGGEDCOM solutions and technology are driven by industry standards, application expertise, our rich customer partnerships, and our core belief to “innovate with intent”. We strike the balance between new and enduring, and allow for flexible future growth with our technologies and open design architecture.


Our solutions are built tough – delivering error-free communications under high levels of electromagnetic interference in extreme temperatures and over long distances.  Learn more about our technologies, standards compliance, and topics shaping our industry. 

A partner you CAN trust in a zero-trust culture.

Cybersecurity is of great concern, especially when it comes to our nation’s mission-critical applications. With an influx of remote connectivity, the need for localized control, growing numbers of intelligent edge devices and the push toward the cloud, complex ICS' are at a greater risk than ever before for cyber attacks.


Siemens’ RUGGEDCOM cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical applications, incorporates our integrated portfolio of robust hardware, software and network services, to ensure our customers have “the right solution, in the right place” to outmaneuver the attacker.


Take a deeper look at the RUGGEDCOM Cybersecurity offering, which includes our IDS, DPI, NGFW, and IPS cybersecurity packages and cybersecurity assessments.

RUGGEDCOM portfolio

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RUGGEDCOM products provide a level of robustness and reliability that have set the standard for communications networks deployed in harsh environments.
Layer 3 Ethernet Switches & Routers

Layer 3 switches and routers

Designed to meet and exceed IEC 61850-3 protocol requirements, the RUGGEDCOM Layer 3 Multi-Service Platform family of switches and routers offers integrated router, firewall and VPN functionalities. Learn more.



The RUGGEDCOM wireless portfolio ranges from compact and powerful cellular routers to solutions offering secure long-range connectivity. Learn more.



The RUGGEDCOM software portfolio offers first-rate solutions for network management, secure remote IED access, data conversion, routing and visualization. Learn more.

Media Converters & Serial Servers

Media converters and serial servers

RUGGEDCOM media converters and serial device servers offer a range of benefits from reduced installation, configuration and management costs to improved ROI on legacy devices. Learn more.

Ethernet Layer 2


The RUGGEDCOM portfolio of high-quality, industrial-grade accessories enhance the performance of our products. Learn more.

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RUGGEDCOM Extended Warranty Option

All RUGGEDCOM products are backed by our standard 5-year warranty, and with our new offering, an additional 5 years can be added to achieve a 10 year total warranty on select products.  

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As your partner, Siemens understands your need for up-to-date, accurate knowledge and insights. Learn more about the technology requirements which RUGGEDCOM products fulfill and read about the trending topics shaping our industry.

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Day in and day out, RUGGEDCOM products perform without fail under extreme conditions around the world. Read on to find out more.
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Professional Services for Industrial Networks

Professional services for industrial networks

It’s easy to acquire a top-of-the-line industrial communication network when you’re backed by our first-class network components and strong network design expertise. Work directly with us and our certified Solution Partners to help develop a network solution tailored to your needs. 

Industrial networks education

Industrial networks education

Need in-house specialists? Participate in Siemens industrial networks training program and earn the subsequent certification aligned with international Industrial Ethernet standards. 

Warranty information

Gain an overview of the general terms and conditions of sale for RUGGEDCOM products. 


Rugged communications equipment for harsh environments

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