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Extended warranty for RUGGEDCOM

Get the maximum coverage for critical infrastructure.

Digitalization demands increased safety, efficiency and longevity of critical infrastructure industries worldwide. Industrial control systems in electric power, transportation, oil and gas, water and wastewater, mining, and other industries require exceptional network reliability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making RUGGEDCOM networking devices a preferred choice for these industrial networks. Given the size and complexity of these mission-critical networks, it is essential to be in control of your long-term costs and minimize downtime due to unforeseen circumstances. Introducing an extended warranty option that covers select widely used RUGGEDCOM hardware products beyond the standard warranty of five years, for a total term of 10 years.

Extend your warranty –for more than just peace of mind

• Get maximum protection

Industry-leading warranty coverage of 10 years

• Minimize downtime

Continued technical support for products in warranty

• Secure your investment for the long-term

Guaranteed repair or replacement of devices in

warranty at a fraction of the cost of buying new

How to order

Choose T10 and maximize your protection on

select new products

Starting October 1, 2021, when you order eligible

products, you can choose the T10 option on the

RUGGEDCOM Selector and opt for the maximum

warranty term of 10 years.


To view our standard warranty terms, click here.


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