One small box, unlimited cybersecurity possibilities

Protect your networks and systems with the new RUGGEDCOM APE1808: a small but powerful industrial application hosting platform that lets you tap a range of Siemens and leading third party cybersecurity applications in harsh, mission-critical environments.

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Meet the threats of a fast-changing cybersecurity landscape with a turnkey solution from Siemens.

An answer to cybersecurity challenges

The new RUGGEDCOM APE1808 excels in hosting a range of applications from multiple solution partners. These include intrusion detection software, next generation firewalls, network log and load processors, and other customer developed purpose-built applications. RUGGEDCOM APE1808 can also analyze data at the source - without the need to install an external industrial PC.

The use of a virtual machine also means you can run both old software in addition to new and secure operating systems on RUGGEDCOM APE1808 – thus extending the life of your obsolete and unsupported software.


Rugged communications for harsh environments

Designed for and put to the test under the harshest environments, RUGGEDCOM products meet and exceed recognized industry standards for performance in mission-critical applications.

Features at a glance

With the built-in switching and routing capabilities of the RUGGEDCOM RX1500 Multi-Service Platform, RUGGEDCOM APE1808 is a module that can plug directly into most members of that family. Modular and field replaceable, the APE1808 offers customers the choice of WAN, serial or Ethernet options.

It is also available with optional conformal coating and is qualified for operating over ambient temperatures from -40º C to +75º C. It meets all the electrical specifications of the RUGGEDCOM RX1500 family of products, including IEC61850-3 and IEEE 1613 for operation under the harsh environmental conditions found in electric power, rail and traffic control systems.

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True to their name, RUGGEDCOM solutions are built tough – delivering error-free communications under high levels of electromagnetic interference in extreme temperatures and over long distances. See how RUGGEDCOM solutions have been put to the test. Discover special features, examples of international standards compliance, and more.

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Rugged communications equipment for harsh environments

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