IEC Short Circuit Calculator Tool with SIMARIS Design

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Save time when dimensioning switching and protection devices using network and short-circuit current calculations.


The SIMARIS design software is a real-product-based network calculation tool (including short-circuit current computation) with minimum input effort that will help you to dimension a power distribution system from medium-voltage down to the end consumer. In addition to network calculation, the software also calculates short-circuit current, load flow, voltage drop and energy balance.

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How do I dimension my switching and protection components in the control panel?

After you have entered your customer- and project-specific information, you can define the structure of your main circuit, including the infeed, the load and the corresponding cable lengths, rapidly using drag & drop. And there you have it: The result of your dimensioning.  


SIMARIS design automatically selects suitable switching and protection devices for the loads entered, according to the recognized rules of technology and applicable standards (VDE, IEC). Following successful dimensioning, SIMARIS design offers you comprehensive output functions, such as parts lists in Excel or network diagrams in dxf or pdf format for easy further processing in your ECAD system.

You have two options for performing short-circuit calculation. On the one hand, SIMARIS design can automatically determine all the components for you and output the calculated short-circuit values. On the other hand, it is possible to define protection devices in order to then perform a short-circuit calculation on the basis of your specifications.


The two options can be used as follows. SIMARIS design can, for example, perform the complete dimensioning of a new machine. Likewise, it can be used to perform a separate short-circuit calculation during a redesign with components that have already been defined.

With SIMARIS design it is possible to calculate different dimensioning objectives. Depending on the system, the configuration of the electrical equipment and the selected components, either selectivity or back-up protection can be defined as the dimensioning objective.


A system with several protective devices connected in series is selective if only the protective device directly upstream of the fault location (when viewed in the direction of energy flow) is activated in the event of a fault and this alone interrupts the fault. If the protective equipment in the upstream electric circuit disconnects in addition to the protective equipment in the electric circuit affected, the power supply is interrupted or reduced for other electric circuits not affected by the fault. This type of configuration is referred to as back-up protection.

For the safe and standards-compliant operation of a machine it is important to dimension the electrical system not just for the normal operating state, but also for overloads and even short circuits.


A correctly dimensioned cable can safely transport current in overload situations without the risk of fire. SIMARIS design can perform cable dimensioning. It calculates the conductor cross-sections as a function of cable length and the loads entered. Certain parameters, such as the minimum cross-section to be used, the installation method or the cable material, can be defined individually via pre-settings. This enables you to achieve maximum safety in the electrical system. The calculated cross-sections are clearly presented in a single-line display and can also be exported in table format for further use in the ECAD system.

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