Smart Control Panel Design

The new standard in electrical engineering

Smart Control Panel Design makes electrical engineering intelligent, digital and consistent. At the push of a button, your control panel's branch circuits can be automatically sized with the correct components for the application - in compliance with both IEC and UL/NFPA standards. Of course, important information such as bill-of-materials and documentation generation are also included. Discover the new standard in electrical engineering!

To access Control Panel Design, you must download and install the free TIA Selection Tool (download begins immediately)

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Discover the advantages of a continuous workflow

Electrical engineering is versatile and complex, and it often requires many individual steps to achieve complete and standard-compliant engineering in the end.

Today we support you in almost all steps with intelligent software and functions to make you more efficient and competitive. 

Holistic engineering

Control Panel Design in TIA Selection Tool

Step by step to successful electrical engineering: With Control Panel Design in TIA Selection Tool, electrical engineering is finally becoming completely digital – simpler, more efficient, and more flexible.

Comprehensive electrical engineering in one tool

What functions does Control Panel Design provide in TIA Selection Tool and what does the workflow look like? Discover the advantages of digital electrical engineering in our video.

Making use of the advantages

Discover new efficiencies in electrical engineering

With Control Panel Design, you benefit from automated electrical sizing and component selection, a consistent workflow, digital standards expertise, and the seamlessly supported portfolio. This saves valuable time that you can use to take your projects and organization to the next level.
All new features of Control Panel Design at a glance


This is how it works

Electrical engineering can be easy

What are the benefits of Control Panel Design?