Quick and efficient temperature rise calculation in the control panel

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  • Extension of control panel service life by reducing temperature 41 °F

  • In IEC markets temperature rise verification is required by IEC 61439-1

Free tool for temperature rise calculation

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On the safe side

Thermal optimization made easy

Excessive temperatures can significantly reduce the service life of components in control panels. Therefore temperature rise verification is essential and requested by the standard IEC 61439-1. We provide you with comprehensive support.

Readily available power loss data

The power loss data of components in a control panel are important values that are required for an optimal design. This information is used to determine the size of the panel and the necessary cooling. The data also makes it possible to conduct a risk analysis when it comes to temperature rise. Siemens provides you with a summary of the power loss data of devices in a clear Excel table as well as in the free SIMARIS therm calculation tool. This helps to save time at temperature rise verification.

Temperature rise verification in four steps

The free SIMARIS therm tool contains nearly 30,000 verified power loss data points from Siemens enclosures and devices. In addition to the products from Siemens, SIMARIS therm enables you to include devices and enclosures from other manufacturers in your calculation.


  • Fast selection of predefined and custom enclosures and devices
  • Ability to input third-party device data
  • Creation of a certification as proof of temperature rise calculation in accordance with IEC 61439-1, supplement 2; IEC 60204-1; etc. 
  • Free of charge

Energy-efficient components

Our innovative components for control panels are designed for maximum energy efficiency and, as a result, have a reduced power loss. They save energy costs while also reducing the heat that arises in the control panel. 

To enable rapid calculation of temperature rise in compliance to standards, the data of Siemens components is stored in the free SIMARIS therm tool.

Standards and guidelines

IEC 61439-1/2

Since the end of the transition period from the IEC-60439 to the IEC-61439 series, new regulations apply to the temperature rise limits of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. According to the DIN EN (IEC) 61439 standard, the temperature rise limits have to be provided and documented in a design verification. This can be the result of your own calculations – or you can simply use the calculation result supplied to you by the free SIMARIS therm tool.


Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

The European Low Voltage Directive specifies a risk analysis and risk assessment within the framework of the conformity procedure. In the CENELEC 32 Guide, appendix A, this includes the effects of temperature on materials and components.

More information

Efficient heat consideration

Calculating the temperature rise in control panels

With SIMARIS therm, you can easily verify and assess the temperature rise of switchgear and controlgear assemblies by specifying the ambient temperature and selecting the corresponding devices in the system panel. The temperature rise verification is required by standards and has a significant impact on the service life of components in the control panel.

Free tool for temperature rise calculation

Download SIMARIS therm