Enclosed Controls and Circuit Protection

Siemens enclosed enclosed control family

Leading the industry with best in class Enclosed Controls and Circuit Protection

Protecting the performance of motors, pumps, fans, and compressors is a critical priority. One of the best ways to do so is with Siemens Enclosed Circuit Protection and Control. Created for NEMA and IEC, we provide the most advanced products for protection of your applications. Our vast selection of future-proof products provides the industry’s most complete selection from a single source.

Enclosed control and circuit protection solutions

We offer a full line of Enclosed Control and Circuit Protection products ranging from motor starters, switches, breakers, and starters all for a variety of applications that require starting, soft starting, disconnecting, or protecting. If it is for pumps, fans, compressors, processing, or energy efficient motors we have you covered.  Siemens has your next-gen stand-alone solution, for indoors or outdoors, to meet and exceed your needs.

Advanced features - Our newly-designed enlcosed controllers, POWERED by SIRIUS, are suitable for high-efficiency motors (IE3/IE4) which help you reduce nuisance tripping, save on energy costs, reduce parts on the shelf/inventory, and increase plant up-time. Siemens provides next-gen control products with drop-in interoperability to modernize customers' legacy systems, enable control digital twins, and deliver field-level data to higher-level systems to boost operating visibility as well as asset availability and utilization.

Enviromentally friendly - We go green, our devices are manufactured in accordance with environmental guidelines and contain eco-friendly and reusable materials. They comply with important worldwide standards and approvals (RoHS).

Flexibility - We provide easier ordering with quick order guides and flexible offers for a range of applications. These devices can either be modified in the factory or field to include pilot devices, CPTs, and other control components. You have the option to order the enclosed assemblies with easy to select factory modifications or add these mods onsite using quick-to-install field kits and accessories.



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