30mm Pushbutton NEMA

The Siemens family of 30mm pilot devices are designed to stand up to the punishing water, dust and oil environments of American manufacturing, offering three classes of sophistication: Standard duty control stations, hazardous location pilot devices and oiltight pilot devices.  

Technical specification for NEMA 30mm pushbuttons

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30mm pushbutton NEMA portfolio

Class 50

Standard Duty Control Stations

Class 50 Standard Duty Control Stations, 30 mm

Standard duty control stations are used with magnetic controllers to start, stop, reverse, or adjust the speed of applicable motors.  These 30mm push buttons come pre-enclosed in stations holding between one and three controls.

  • NEMA 1, 1B, 4 (Enclosure Protection)

  • NEMA A600, B600 (Contact Blocks)

  • UL Listed File #E22655

  • CSA Certified - #LR6535

  • IP10 & IP56 rated

Class 51

Hazardous location pilot devices

Class 51 Hazardous location pilot devices

When installed properly, these NEMA control devices may be used in locations where the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust cause a threat of explosion.  These durable, one piece corrosion resistant castings use double break bifurcated contacts to increase reliability.

  • NEMA Type 4, 7, & 9

  • IP 66 rated

  • UL Listed File #E39935

  • AC NEMA A600

  • DC NEMA P600

Class 52

Oiltight pilot devices

Class 52 Oiltight pilot devices

Siemens 30mm NEMA pilot devices are designed to provide long, trouble-free service in the most demanding applications. Durable plastic Metal Operators with plastic buttons resist oils while internally, contact blocks have double break bifurcated silver contacts which improve overall performance.

  • NEMA Types 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13

  • NEMA A600 (Contacts)

  • IP10, IP14, IP52, IP54, & IP66 rated

  • Automotive Standards

  • UL Listed #E22655

  • CSA Certified #LR6535