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SIRIUS ACT is the industry's most innovative full line of IP69K-rated standard push buttons, switches, touch buttons, pilot devices and RFID-keyed switches. As the industry leader of IoT "out of the box" products, Siemens controls put digitalization at your fingertips with SIRIUS ACT and gives businesses the competitive edge with devices that talk. Our control products can talk at the smallest device, a pushbutton, for complete system digitalization over a new or existing network. These devices are ready to communicate with AS-Interface, IO-Link, PROFINET and other networks providing the monitoring and diagnostics that are needed throughout the entire supply chain.

Technical specifications for SIRIUS ACT

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SIRIUS ACT Portfolio

Actuators and indicators

Pushbuttons, indicators, switches

Pushbuttons, indicators, switches

Our flat, round metal and plastic elements combine unparalleled functionality with a timelessly esthetic look. Four design lines and diverse options for combining actuators and indicators, material, color, the type of front ring and lighting make the command and signaling devices look like they have been specially designed for your system.

Modules for actuators and indicators

Contact modules and LED modules

Contact modules and LED modules

Our contact modules are fitted with slow-action contacts (NO contacts or NC contacts), which ensure a high switching reliability even with small voltages and currents, such as 5 V/1 mA. They are suitable for use in electronic systems as well as conventional controls. The contact pieces of the NC contacts are positively driven.

Only LED modules with permanently integrated LEDs are available for illumination. Contact modules and LED modules bear terminal designations acc. to EN 50013.


Empty enclosures, standard fittings

Available as empty enclosures or with standard fittings

Enclosed SIRIUS ACT push buttons and indicator lights are used as hand-operated control devices for separately allocated control units and cabinets. The devices are suitable for use in any climate and all have IP66, IP67, IP69 (IP69K) degree of protection, including those with cable glands.


Labels, protection / access protection, etc.

Accessories for the SIRIUS ACT portfolio

  • Labels (e.g. insert labels, inscription labels)
  • Protection/access protection
  • Actuators
  • Screw connection, Adapter and so on for enclosures
  • Miscellaneous accessories

Product Configurator

SIRIUS ACT Configurator

SIRIUS ACT product configurator

Intuitive configuration of your individual command and signaling devices. The SIRIUS ACT configurator offers you many advantages. Enclosures and labeling can be combined individually to suit specific customer needs. Using the automatically generated CIN number, you can order your enclosure configuration at any time again without needing to enter additional data. The configurator also offers you the complete set of documentation, including drawings and terminal diagrams for downloading.

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Highlights at a glance

SIRIUS ACT is a modular system of pushbuttons and indicator lights for front plate mounting and rear-mounted electrical modules. It can be flexibly configured to to meet customer requirements.

Extensive selection

Choose between a wide range of pushbuttons: Pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, mushroom pushbuttons, emergency stop mushroom pushbuttons, twin pushbuttons and sensor switches. Features:

  • Rugged and durable, even in a tough environment, thanks to IP69K protection (including IP66, IP67, IP69)
  • High media resistance, for example, to oils, aggressive vapors and caustic solutions 
  • Can be integrated easily via TIA Portal
  • Safety connection via AS-i and Profisafe for EMERGENCY STOP mushroom pushbuttons

Extensive selection

Choose between a wide range of switches: Selector switches, coordinate switches, toggle switches, potentiometer and key-operated switches. Features:

  • Rugged and durable, even in a tough environment, thanks to IP69K protection (including IP66, IP67, IP69), with the exception of ID keys: IP65
  • High media resistance, for example, to oils, aggressive vapors and caustic solutions
  • Communication solutions: AS-i, IO-Link or PROFINET/PROFIsafe 
  • Can be integrated easily via TIA Portal
  • Safety connection via AS-i and Profisafe for EMERGENCY STOP mushroom pushbuttons
  • Various mechanical types of key-operated switches can be supplied (RONIS, BKS, CES, IKON, O.M.R)
  • Electronic ID key-operated switch for individual authorization management and unique identification of users
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The hightlight of our switches

The SIRIUS ACT ID key-operated switch is an electronic switch based on modern, state-of-the-art RFID technology that helps you to increase security in your application by identifying and authorizing single users and user groups.


Switches and keys are not coupled mechanically, but are linked via a wireless connection using a tag that is built into an ID-key and read by the transmitter unit in a switch. Keys and switches are plastic-coated, and do not come into contact at the wireless interface. This protects the electronics in the switches against external influences such as dirt and water. 


An additional advantage over conventional keys is that the tag, and thus the authorization levels of a key, can be modified remotely. After the delivery of the assembly, new keys can be easily added location-independent via an individual number. If an ID-key is lost, it can simply be blocked and replaced. In addition, a number of different evaluations are possible.

Extensive selection

Choose between Indicator lights and acoustic signaling devices. 

Features Indicator lights:

Single LED:  

  • Wide voltage range versions from 6 - 230 V

  • Compact versions with integrated LED


  • Two colors can be selected for each signaling device (green/red)

Features Acoustic Signaling Devices:

  • Volume up to 80 dB

  • Compact design

SIRIUS ACT Communication

Communication solutions for the field and the control panel

Maximum flexibility is available through a variety of communication solutions.

When it comes to communication, SIRIUS ACT is a strong performer. In addition to the conventional screw and spring-type connections of the command and signaling devices, direct connections to PROFINET can also be implemented in the control cabinet or IO-Link and AS-Interface in the field.


The various communication interfacing options provided, enable simple combinations of push buttons and signaling devices, HMI touch screens and industrial PCs, which means that complex input stations can be set up without extensive wiring and engineering time and effort.

Integration into the TIA Portal enables them to be visually displayed for better harmonization with the hardware, thus simplifying and speeding up hardware configuration. You also get uniform data management, save time via hardware configuration and reduce downtimes with faster fault diagnostics. The option handling feature (especially with PROFINET) enables flexible systems to be designed and individually adapted – even during operation.