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Digitalization @Your Fingertips™

What if your pushbuttons could talk?  A global marketplace creates demands on manufacturers  and as we have seen in recent history -- digitalization is required not only for business competitiveness, but also for the survival of your business.  To ensure this monitoring and control at the smallest device is necessary, use SIRIUS Act Digitalization @Your Fingertips™.
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Digitalization isn't a chore when you've got the right partner. Siemens industrial controls is the only "out-of-the-box," ready to communicate, controls manufacturer. With whom would you like to partner? A company that has anticipated your needs, understands your processes and has already developed your IoT components, or one who just talks about IoT?"
Michael Day, Siemens Business Development Manager
System Visibility Yields Competitiveness and Cost Savings

Digitalization Provides Manufacturers Success in a Modern Marketplace

The process for ultimate success starts with the capability to monitor and measure accurately across your entire supply chain.  This capability provides predictive maintenance and overall oversight of your manufacturing equipment.  It also can provide the data that when given the tools to understand this data, any company can use it proactively for marketplace competitiveness and cost savings.  SIRIUS Industrial Control Products can give this to you by starting at the smallest component, a pushbutton, providing complete transparency across the supply chain. We 've designed our products to be modular allowing for flexible design for your exact applications.  More importantly, SIRIUS products are "out of the box" ready to communicate when necessary, into your existing controller or the TIA portal. Additionally, our products can be retrofitted to communicate providing predictive and real-time information.

SIRIUS Act Digitalization @Your Fingertips for your applications

For ordering  information on SIRIUS Act Digitalization @Your Fingertips visit the Industrial Controls Catalog with the link provided.  The custom modular system allows for up to twenty-one devices to "talk" to your existing controller or the TIA portal.  Getting started is quick and easy and installation requires no special tools.

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