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New Industrial Controls Catalog - May 2022

The 2022 Industrial Controls Catalog is available as a single interactive PDF file. It includes the latest, best-in-class Control Products from our SIRIUS Control, SIRIUS Hybrid, SIRIUS Monitor, SIRIUS Command and General Purpose families. This is an extremely interactive catalog with page links, bookmarks, and search engine. Download it today to see just how quickly you can select products and retrieve information.

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Use the separate sections below for faster opening times when viewing online. If there is a date in parentheses, the section has updates not included in the complete catalog above.

Section 0  

Table of Contents & Catalog Overview

Table of Contents & Catalog Overview

Section 0 as an interactive PDF (0/1 - 0/8) - includes the catalog Table of Contents, an explanation of Catalog Navigation and a Product Overview by section.

Section 1 

IEC Motor Starter Protectors (MSP's)

SIRIUS IEC Motor Starter Protectors (MSP's)

Section 1 as an interactive PDF (1/1 - 1/54) - includes SIRIUS 3RV MSPs, Circuit Breakers and Infeed System.

Section 2

IEC Contactors

SIRIUS IEC Contactors

Section 2 as an interactive PDF (2/1 - 2/228) - includes SIRIUS 3RT Contactors, 3RH Control Relays and 3RR Current Monitoring Relays plus 3TB, 3TC and 3TF68 Contactors.

Section 3

IEC Overload Relays

SIRIUS IEC Overload Relays

Section 3 as an interactive PDF (3/1 - 3/86) - includes SIRIUS 3RU Thermal & 3RB Solid State Overload Relays and the SIMOCODE pro 3UF7 Motor Management System.

Note:  See Section 2 pages 2/86 - 2/94 for SIRIUS 3RR Current Monitoring Relays

Section 4 

IEC Starters

SIRIUS IEC Starters and IEC Combination Starters

Section 4 as an interactive PDF (4/1 - 4/90) - includes SIRIUS 3RA2 Combination Starters, 3RA6 Compact Starters and 3RE4 Enclosed HP Rated Contactors & Starters.

Section 5

Fast Bus Power Distribution System

Fast Bus Power Distribution System

Section 5 as an interactive PDF (5/1 - 5/22) - includes FB assemblies and 8US components for the Siemens Fast Bus system.

Section 6

Hybrid Motor Starters

Hybrid Motor Starters

Section 6 as an interactive PDF (6/1 - 6/68) - includes open motor starters SIRIUS 3RM & ET 200SP and enclosed motor starters ET 200pro & M200D. 

Section 7

Soft Starters & Drives

SIRIUS Soft Starters & SINAMICS Drives

Section 7 as an interactive PDF (7/1 - 7/134) - includes SIRIUS 3RW Soft Starters and SINAMICS G120X Drives.

Section 8

Solid State Switching Devices

SIRIUS Solid State Switching Devices

Section 8 as an interactive PDF (8/1 - 8/74) - includes SIRIUS 3RF Solid State Relays & Contactors.

Section 9 (09-22)

General Purpose Control

General Purpose Control

Section 9 as an interactive PDF (9/1 - 9/174) - includes Manual Starters & Switches, NEMA Contactors, Starters & Overload Relays, Definite Purpose Contactors, Pump Panels, Lighting Contactors and Control Power Transformers. 

Section 10 

Pilot Devices

Pilot Devices

Section 10 as an interactive PDF (10/2 - 10/220) - includes Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, Pilot Lights and Stations in SIRIUS ACT 3SU 22mm devices and in Class 52 30mm devices.  Also includes 3SB2 16mm Pilot Devices, 3SE Foot Switches and 8WD Signal Columns.

Section 11

Function Relays

SIRIUS Function Relays

Section 11 as an interactive PDF (11/1 - 11/166) - includes 3RN Thermistor Motor Protection, 3RP & 7PV Timers, 3RS Temperature Monitoring Relays, 3RS Converters, 3RQ Coupling Relays, 3UG Monitoring Relays, 3TG Power Relays and 3TX71 & LZS Plug-in Relays.

Section 12

Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Section 12 as an interactive PDF (12/1 - 12/4) - includes overview of the Terminal Block Supplement and Special Label marking Instructions.  Please download the separate supplement below for product selection.

Section 13

Limit & Safety Position Switches, Safety Relays

SIRIUS Limit Switches, Safety Position Switches, Safety Relays

Section 13 as an interactive PDF (13/1 - 13/164) - includes 3SE5 (IEC) & 3SE03 (NEMA) Limit Switches, 3SE5 Hinge & Interlock Switches, 3SE6 RFID & Magnet Switches, 3SE7 Cable-operated Switches, 3SB3 Two-Hand Control Stations, 3SK & 3TK28 Safety Relays and the 3RK3 Modular Safety System.

Section 14

AS-Interface & IO-Link

AS-Interface & IO-Link

Section 14 as an interactive PDF (14/1 - 14/108) - includes overview and selection for Siemens AS-Interface & IO-Link solutions. 

Section 15

SITOP Power Supplies, SCALANCE, LOGO! Relays

SITOP Power Supplies, SCALANCE Switches, LOGO! Relays

Section 15 as an interactive PDF (15/1 - 15/98) - includes SITOP PSU Power Supplies, SCALANCE XB 6GK Unmanaged Switches and LOGO! 6ED Progammable Relays.

Section 16

Control Circuit Protection

Control Circuit Protection

Section 16 as an interactive PDF (16/1 - 16/30) - includes 5SJ Branch Circuit Protectors, 5SP & 5SY Supplementary Protectors and 3NW Cylindrical Fuse Holders.

Section 17 (09-22)

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

Section 17 as an interactive PDF (17/1 - 17/188) - includes Circuit Breaker families BQ, QR, CQD, GG, Sentron, VL and our new 3VA.

Section 18 (10-22)

Safety Switches & Disconnect Switches

Safety Switches and Disconnect Switches

Section 18 as an interactive PDF (18/1 - 18/32) - includes HF & HNF Heavy Duty Enclosed Safety Switches, ECS Elevator Control Switches and 3LD, CFS, CNFS, MCS & VB Open Disconnect Switches.

Section 19

Appendix - General Information

Appendix - General Information

Section 19 as an interactive PDF (19/1 - 19/20) - includes UL and CSA File & Guide Numbers, On-line References, General Information, Spring-Loaded Terminal Overview and an ICE Quick Reference List.

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