Consistent & reliable beer with Siemens Industrial Controls

Brewers agree digitalization is key to scalable growth, but finding the right partner to help them achieve success is also vital. See how Gate City Brewery partnered with Siemens & Deutsche Beverage.
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One of the things that I really love is that all of the drives, motor starters and relays, are all small, compact and that they're easily interchanged. They fit in a nice box and as I grow there's plenty of room for me to just plug and play and add in, not having to add another box, taking up more space that I really don't have.
Pat Rains, Co-Founder Gate City Brewing Co.
The biggest aim for me is reliability. In this industry we're constantly dealing with things that are broken and to know that the equipment running my brew house is consistent and reliable is invaluable to me. When you find a product that sells and is a winner, you've gotta be ready to produce it.
Pat Rains, Co-Founder Gate City Brewing Co.