Ensign Energy Keeps their Rig Running 24/7

with SIMOCODE Motor Management 
“We can have our maintenance department do preventative work on that motor instead of waiting for it to fail. If it failed, we’re done drilling. In this business, every minute we are down we lose revenue.”

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Smart Motor Management with SIMOCODE

Using data to economically drill faster and safer is nothing new to Ensign Energy Services, one of the world’s leading land-based oil and gas drilling businesses. Since the early 2000s, Ensign has optimized rig performance controls with real-time data and advanced analytics. In April 2019, Ensign upgraded two traditional motor control centers (MCCs) on a drilling rig just west of San Angelo, Texas. The MCC upgrade utilized a time-tested digital motor management system to achieve significant and transparent motor control, analytical and safety improvements, turning the “dumb” MCCs into smart assets.
This is a very volatile industry, the price of oil goes up and down every day and we use technology to remain on top. Based on the success of the project, DeSalvo says he plans to replicate the MCC upgrade in many of the company’s legacy 150 rigs worldwide. This smart motor management technology will help Ensign to continue to connect the world to 7% of its energy needs.
Tony DeSalvo, global automation and controls support supervisor at Ensign

Small Motor Diagnostics Keeps Rig Running

John Franks, Current Power vice president of sales and business development, says the upgrade allowed Ensign to monitor and perform preventive maintenance on the rig’s smaller motors. “Other than the large variable frequency drives, there are hundreds of these small motors on a rig,” he says. “Ensign can now capture data and remotely monitor the motors using a centralized PROFINET network,” Franks continues. “Before, the small motors were just turned on and off. When there was a problem, it would be rip and replace.”
Installing SIMOCODE was seamless with the SIMATIC S7-1500 series controllers connected with PROFINET to the scalable ET 200SP distributed I/O system we use with our Edge system. I/O mapping was already set up and everything was commissioned with the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal engineering software, eliminating the step to check each individual bucket interface independently. It easily reduced our usual three-day MCC lineup commissioning down to one day. In the end, the motor management system helped us turn the rig over to operations in just 10 days.
Tony DeSalvo, global automation and controls support supervisor at Ensign