Definite Purpose Contactors

DP Contactors
Siemens Definite Purpose Contactor

Class 42 and 45 DP Contactors 

Siemens Class 42 and Class 45 Definite Purpose (DP) Contactors are back by popular demand! With easy direct replacement in fit, form, and function for all common DP applications, they can be ordered using our original part numbers. The DP Contactor was created for applications such as HVAC, refrigeration, fans, blowers and welders for OEMS and manufacturers of machinery. However, the market for DP contactors has grown to include many more commercial, construction and industrial applications.

Siemens DP Contactor features:

• Compact size

• Quiet operation

• Completely enclosed body and coil

• Visual contact position indication

• Power terminations-Quick connects –30A: screws–40A and above

: box lugs

• Durable metal back plate

• Weld-resistant silver cadmium  oxide contacts

• Class F coil insulation Class 45:

• 1-pole with shunt bar in 30 and  40 amps

• 2-pole in 30 and 40 amps Class 42:

• 2-pole in 30 and 40 amps

 • 3-pole in 30 to 90 amps

• Snap-on auxiliary contacts

• Replacement coils available


Siemens DP Contactors Approvals & Standards:

• UL File E14900

• ARI 780 & 790 

• Canadian Heater Rated