8WD4 signaling columns

8WD4 signaling columns

Signaling columns are important optical aids for supervising complicated workflows on machines or in automated processes. In emergency situations, they serve as a visual or acoustic warning system. Thanks to their modularity, the steady, blinking, flashing and all-round light elements, as well as buzzer and siren elements can be flexibly designed and used in a great many ways. They are easy to install and extremely resistant to shock and vibrations.

Technical specifications for 8WD4 signaling columns

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Signaling columns - Modular and with communication capability


2 inches  

8WD42 signaling columns, 2 inches diameter

  • Thermoplast enclosure, diameter 2 inches
  • Degree of protection IP54
  • Maximum of four elements can be mounted between the connection element and the cover
  • Connection element: Screw terminals
  • Adapter element (optional): AS-Interface


3 inches 

8WD44 signaling columns, 3 inches diameter

  • Thermoplast enclosure, diameter 3 inches
  • Degree of protection IP65
  • Maximum of five elements can be mounted between the connection element and the cover
  • Optimized illumination through improved prism technology
  • Connection element: Screw or spring terminals
  • Adapter element (optional): AS-Interface, IO-Link, M12 plug
  • Pre-assembled signaling columns (optional): various versions

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