Push buttons by Siemens, performance in action

Powerful machines and plants need powerful push buttons, switches and indicators: SIRIUS ACT offers you a unique portfolio of elegantly designed push buttons, indicator lights and switches that are the perfect embodiment of style, intelligence, and physical toughness. Constructed with genuine metal and high-grade plastics, and engineered with smart functions and communication capabilities, these new push buttons, indicator lights and switches have been extreme element tested to ensure reliability for your most mission critical operations. For us, pressing a button is more than just a matter of pressing a button!

Technical specifications for SIRIUS ACT

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SIRIUS ACT Portfolio

ID key-operated switches

The electronic ID key

SIRUS ACT ID key-operated switches

The electronic ID key-operated switches from the SIRIUS ACT family of commanding and signaling devices has proven its high flexibility compared to conventional solutions. Unique key IDs are used to correctly assign authorizations. Take a look at the variety of ID key-operated switches.

Actuators and indicators

Push buttons, indicators, switches

Push buttons, indicators, switches

Our flat, round metal and plastic elements combine unparalleled functionality with a timelessly esthetic look. Three design lines and diverse options for combining the kind of actuator and indicator, material, color, the type of front ring and lighting make the command and signaling devices look like they have been specially designed for your system.

Modules for actuators and indicators

Contact modules and LED modules

Contact modules and LED modules

The contact modules are fitted with slow-action contacts (NO contacts or NC contacts). These ensure a high switching reliability even with small voltages and currents, such as 5 V/1 mA. They are suitable for use in electronic systems as well as conventional controls. The contact pieces of the NC contacts are positively driven.

Only LED modules with permanently integrated LEDs are available for illumination. Contact modules and LED modules bear terminal designations acc. to EN 50013.


Empty and assembled enclosures, two-hand operation consoles

Available as empty enclosures or with standard fittings

Enclosed SIRIUS ACT push buttons, switches and indicators are used as hand-operated control devices for separately allocated control units and cabinets. The devices are suitable for use in any climate and all have IP66, IP67, IP69 (IP69K) degree of protection, including those with cable glands.


Labels, protection / access protection, etc.

Accessories for the SIRIUS ACT portfolio

  • Labels (e.g. insert labels, inscription labels)
  • Protection/access protection
  • Actuators
  • Screw connection, Adapter and so on for enclosures
  • Miscellaneous accessories
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Revolutionize commanding & signaling, discover SIRIUS ACT push buttons

Highlights at a glance

SIRIUS ACT is a modular system of push buttons and indicator lights for front plate mounting and rear-mounted electrical modules. It can be flexibly configured to specific customer requirements and features extensive accessories. For common applications, complete devices are offered.

Flexible communication solutions for the field and the control panel

Maximum flexibility thanks to a variety of communication solutions

Communication is one of the strong points of SIRIUS ACT. In addition to the conventional screw and spring-type connections of the command and signaling devices, direct connections to PROFINET can also be implemented in the control cabinet or IO-Link and AS-Interface in the field.


The various communication interfacing options provided enable simple combinations of push buttons and signaling devices, HMI touch screens and industrial PCs, which means that complex input stations can be set up without extensive wiring and engineering time and effort.

Integration into the TIA Portal enables them to be visually displayed for better harmonization with the hardware, thus simplifying and speeding up hardware configuration. Further advantages are uniform data management, time savings thanks to intuitive hardware configuration and lower downtimes resulting from faster fault diagnostics. The option handling feature (especially with PROFINET) enables flexible systems to be designed and individually adapted – even during ongoing operation.

The new direct connection of SIRIUS ACT to PROFINET/PROFIsafe

The quick and easy installation with ribbon cable (piercing technology) without special tools saves considerable wiring effort.

  • Reduced wiring and fewer error sources at installation and commissioning
  • High flexibility for modifications due to the modular plug-in design
  • Extended diagnostics and parameterization options resulting from integration in the TIA Portal
  • Safety Integrated: EMERGENCY STOP incorporated via PROFIsafe


Test our digital communication solution

Connection of SIRIUS ACT to IO-Link via special electronic modules

  • Connection via electronic modules for IO-Link, front panel mounting

Connection of decentralized command and signaling devices to AS-Interface

  • Easy configuration of enclosure solutions via a configurator
  • Shorter installation time thanks to pre-wired, customized enclosure solutions
  • Simple design of safety applications
  • Possibility of integrating all SIRIUS ACT devices
  • Integrated into the TIA Portal

ATEX-certified products

Use of electrical equipment in gas/dust atmospheres

SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons and indicator lights are suitable for use in intrinsically safe circuits, in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60079-11:2011, Clause 5.7 Simple apparatus. For the illuminated SIRIUS ACT versions, the ATEX-certified intrinsically safe LEDs must be used.


Intrinsically safe LED modules (ATEX-certified) for gas hazardous areas ll2G Ex ¡b llc T4 Gb

The LED modules of type 3SU1401-*BB*0-*AA2 are approved in accordance with IEC EN 60079-11:2012 (Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i") and are used in gas hazardous zones 1 and 2. They comply with the "ib" type of protection for intrinsic safety. They may only be used in connection with a 3SU1 pushbutton or indicator light, in the enclosure or a control panel. The use of standard (non-ATEX) LED modules in intrinsically safe circuits is not permitted.


Observe the following technical specifications:



The SIRIUS ACT configurator offers you many advantages. Enclosures and labeling can be combined individually and to suit specific customer needs – and this is done particularly easily thanks to graphics-based component selection with a drag-and-drop function and a graphical preview. Using the automatically generated CIN number, you can order your enclosure configuration at any time again without the need to enter any more data.

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