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Control Perfection for controlling and protecting

SIRIUS Control offers the largest available portfolio in the market for switching, controlling and protecting your motors. A completely new generation of manual motor starters, contactors, overload relays and load feeders are available in seven sizes up to 400 HP. The benefit of the SIRIUS modular system lies in its modular set-up of the components across all sizes. Everything fits together !

Allied Electronics & Automation and Siemens Team Up to Offer SIRIUS Modular Solutions for Industrial Control Panel Design

Siemens and Allied aspire to help panel builders design simpler, more flexible, and space-saving industrial control cabinets. The SIRIUS modular system, now available from Allied, offers a full range of modular industrial control panel components.  


If interested in learning more about how these components can help you cut labor and costs and reduce your footprint, click below to watch our video.

Design of load feeders with TST

Simplify your electrical planning with the new Load Feeder Configurator+

Dimension switching devices in next to no time with the new Load Feeder Configurator+ (IEC) in the TIA Selection Tool. It automatically provides you with the correct cable cross-sections and short-circuit values for fuse-less load feeders.

SIRIUS Control highlights

Everything you need for controlling and protecting

With SIRIUS Control, you always have the right solution at hand. SIRIUS is a modular system with a uniform design and a multitude of potential combinations. You also benefit from more than 50,000 pretested and approved combinations for the most common applications. High-quality CAx data simplifies electrical engineering and saves you time during panel building.

The SIRIUS Modular System

Products for any application, in any market, anywhere in the world

The innovative SIRIUS Modular System offers the largest available switching device portfolio in the market, with more than 50,000 tested and approved combinations. A completely new generation of circuit breakers, contactors, overload relays and motor protectors in seven sizes up to 400 HP is ready for use. The benefit of the modular system lies in its modular set-up of the components across all sizes. Everything fits together. The SIRIUS Modular System combines digital planning and a standard-compliant implementation for your requirement, regardless of the application or location. Comprehensive planning tools, consulting expertise, and tested product combinations will assist you in the transition from digital to actual control cabinet construction.

The modular system in detail

Efficient switching, protection, control, and monitoring of motors

Today everything has to go faster. The trend toward digitalization increases the pressure on industry. What technologies should be used for starting and monitoring motors? Are there any tips and tricks for planning control cabinets more efficiently, while still complying with the standards?

Efficiently wiring switching devices

What connection technology do you use for your switching devices? Have you tried spring-type technology before? Why not compare conventional screw-type technology with the latest spring-type technology now? We show you how to connect your switching devices and install them quickly and error-free.

Perfect combination of the right switching devices

With the SIRIUS modular system’s combination options, you can create your own custom solution for your specific application. The strength of the system lies in its modular construction covering all sizes, the functionality of the devices for a multitude of applications, and comprehensive, standard-compliant planning. This facilitates your procedures and speeds up your planning processes.

The SIRIUS modular system at a glance

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Achieving your goal more quickly

A question of the combination

Every control panel engineering job has different requirements, every market has different rules, and every project has different workflows. Therefore it’s important to be able to react flexibly and dynamically.
Everything to know

Everything you need to know, always in view

In this age of digitalization you face a constant flow of communications. Here’s where you can get all the important information you need and how you can optimize your control panel engineering.

Control perfection in all areas of industrial controls

SIRIUS industrial controls: consistently coordinated components for starting, protecting, switching, commanding, signaling, monitoring, and responding that are comprehensively designed, usable worldwide without modification, and suitable for all applications in the area of industrial controls.

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