Industrial Identification and Locating

Industrial Identification and Locating

Performance starts with knowledge: Intelligent data management with Industrial Identification and Locating 

Industrial processes in the digital enterprise demand total transparency and a high level of customization. Our solutions close the gap between the real and the digital worlds – and add value along the entire production and supply chain. We offer the industry of the future a unique, consistent end-to-end range of identification and locating systems for customer-specific applications. TIA connectivity ensures our products are seamlessly integrated in automation solutions. Support for cloud applications such as MindSphere allow large volumes of data to be recorded, analyzed, and utilized to make improvements. The end result is a system that improves visibility, increases efficiency, and brings our customers one step closer to the factory of the future. 

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Industrial Identification – A video summary


Added value with our systems

Increasing demand for custom and build-to-order products makes production and supply chains more complex. Therefore it’s important to utilize systems that make these complex processes manageable and cost-effective. Do you want to be able to control your production flexibility, manage your assets efficiently, track your products and components reliably, and synchronize your supply chain intelligently? Discover how to achieve all of this and more with our SIMATIC Ident products and solutions.

Optimize your production and material flow control 

Machine-readable, automated, and contactless identification systems create improvements throughout production and supply chains: manual work steps can be reduced, potential sources of error identified and avoided, and plant uptime improved. Production time is reduced, even with high levels of product customization. Overall, you benefit from greater efficiency and flexibility in logistics, material management, production, and service across every application.

Improve customer satisfaction

With SIMATIC Identification and Locating, every product and component leaves a digital footprint that can be documented at every step, from the creation of the individual components to product end-of-life. This means that issues in product quality can be tracked back to the source and rectified at an early stage. In logistics, these systems make it possible to identify, analyze, and fix weak points in the supply chain. Legal requirements – for example, in the pharmaceutical or food industries – can be met using Industrial Identification and Locating.

Plan ahead 

What products or components are available, when, where, and in what condition? SIMATIC Ident provides fast and reliable answers to these questions. With RFID and optical reading systems from Siemens, all products and parts can be monitored in real time at all stages of the transport process, and external sequences can be better integrated into actual production.
And as the digital transformation progresses, we can achieve even more: virtual data flows and real product flows will come together to produce maximum transparency in both production and logistics processes. This makes it possible to not only analyse and visualize the track-and-trace information but also to ensure that the analysed data is available worldwide. So that products arrive more quickly where they need to

be: with customers.

Performance pays

Automatic data collection – systematic and powerful

Companies from all industries rely on our solution expertise in industrial identification and locating systems – here you can find a few examples.

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To secure plant, systems, machines, and networks against cyber threats, it’s essential to have an end-to-end industrial security strategy in place that reflects the state of the art (and to keep it updated at all times). The products and solutions from Siemens are just one part of this strategy. 

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