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Let the data journey begin with Siemens’ identification and locating solutions. 

Industrial processes in the digital enterprise demand total transparency and a high level of customization. Our solutions close the gap between the real and the digital world and add value along the entire production and supply chain. We offer unique, consistent, and scalable turnkey solutions for customer-specific applications. TIA connectivity ensures a seamless integration of our products into an existing or new automation system. Support for cloud applications such as MindSphere allow large volumes of data to be recorded, analyzed, and utilized to make improvements. Our identification and locating technology will improve visibility, increase efficiency, and bring our customers one step closer to the factory of the future. 

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Industrial Identification – A video summary


Added value with our systems

Increasing demand for custom and build-to-order products makes production and supply chains more complex. Therefore it’s important to utilize systems that make these complex processes manageable and cost-effective. Do you want to be able to control your production flexibility, manage your assets efficiently, track your products and components reliably, and synchronize your supply chain intelligently? Discover how to achieve all of this and more with our SIMATIC Ident products and solutions.

Predictive quality control

Imagine being able to assess the quality of a workpiece before it is finished. Up to now this was unthinkable - the concept of "Predictive Quality" makes it possible. This is because measurement and test data are collected and analyzed in advance during the production process. In this way, a calculation of the product quality can be made. The integration of the sensor and automation data with information from the IT systems forms the basis for this. In this video, you can see how Predictive Quality is already possible at your plant today with Digital Connectivity. 

Digital Factory without paper

Information on paper can be a valuable aid in daily life, but in manufacturing it is a cause of productivity losses and quality problems. Because such information must be read, interpreted and constantly updated manually. This process has a high potential for errors, for which Digital Connectivity provides a remedy, since production is completely paperless. Based on the digital twin, all document-based processes are mapped digitally. In this video, you can see how the paperless factory becomes reality. 

Rapid response to market changes

Adaptivity and resilience are the basis for keeping pace in times of rapid changes, uncertainty and crises. Only adaptive, flexible and resilient companies can quickly adapt to changing market situations and handle crisis-related disruptions to their own value creation much faster. Learn how to react quickly to market changes.



Companies from all industries rely on our solution expertise in industrial identification and locating systems – here you can find a few examples.
SITRAIN: Digital Industry Academy

SITRAIN: Digital Industry Academy

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See our White Paper for more information on the technology, application, and benefits of industrial identification systems from Siemens.

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Security tips

To secure plant, systems, machines, and networks against cyber threats, it’s essential to have an end-to-end industrial security strategy in place that reflects the state of the art (and to keep it updated at all times). The products and solutions from Siemens are just one part of this strategy. 

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