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Industrial processes in the Digital Enterprise demand total transparency. The ability to gather and process the data at strategically relevant points is increasingly a crucial factor for long term business success. As a result, Industrial Identification and Locating are key technologies for the Digital Enterprise..

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RFID - UHF Technology and Practice

The industrial identification education program provides attendees with valuable experience in theory, planning, and implementation of industrial identification systems. 


Throughout the course, students will have ample time for practical exercises, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. The course focuses on a hands-on model for realistic demonstrations, providing class participants with the knowledge to plan, configure, operate, and provide support for industrial identification applications. 


After successful completion of each course, attendees will have the oppurtunity to take a certification examination. Upon passing the exam, a Siemens CPIID certificate will be issued. The certificate is valid for three years from the date of the issue.


From production to logistics, process traceability and supply chain visibility is essential for the facility of the future. UHF RFID technology takes a key role in this task by enabling automated communication between tagged assets and PLC or PC systems. 


Attendees of the UHF RFID course will learn how to design, manage, and support UHF RFID systems in a hands-on dynamic environment. 

RTLS - Technology and Practice

Siemens SIMATIC real-time locating systems (RTLS) offer precise, end-to-end visibility of moving objects and people in production  and logistic processes, while supporting digital twins to boost efficiency, safety, and productivity. Using a hybrid technology of ultra-wide band (UWB) and 2.4 GHz and triangulation techniques, the Siemens SIMATIC RTLS platform can locate objects and people equipped with transponders to within 1 foot (30 cm) of their actual positions with very low latency. It can also detect and report their motion, acceleration, then immediately relay all this positioning data to higher-level systems in real time, making it available for a variety of applications.


No matter the industry or whether you are tracking, searching, protecting, servicing or simply planning to better manage your or your customer’s assets and processes, our SIMATIC RTLS solutions will help manufacturers achieve a range of different goals.


Our comprehensive five-day RTLS certification training will cover all aspects of the solution, including a conceptual overview, software/hardware requirements, implementation, and troubleshooting. We will provide every student with best practices examples, use case applications and documentation. 

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Who would benefit from attending?

  • Plant Engineers
  • Control Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Comission Engineers
  • Project Managers/Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Facility Managers