RTLS next normal manufacturing

Restarting your manufacturing in a COVID-19 world 

How to leverage the digital thread to safely and productively adapt to the "next normal"

In the new world of COVID-19, manufacturers are facing new and daunting challenges in their efforts to ramp production back to pre-pandemic levels.  New workforce-distancing regulations and guidelines must be put into place to regulate employee contact, workflow and workplace safety. Employees will look for assurance they will be protected along with their peers and their families. At the same time, plant efficiency must be restored to pre-pandemic levels in order to begin recovering months of losses. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has rendered previous methods for managing changes to the plant and production less than sufficient. 


In this white paper, we show you how to navigate this new paradigm using a tried and tested Simulate-Validate-Iterate method using a combination of software and hardware.  The results are industry proven at companies large and small, and include:

  • Safety of all employees while maintaining production output.
  • Faster restart of your facility with less risk.
  • Product delivered to the market before the competition.
  • Return-on-investment (ROI) in shorter time.

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