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Better data, smarter decisions with Identification and Locating Solutions

May 12, 2021 - 11:00 AM EST
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Date:              May 12, 2021

Time:             11:00 AM EST

Language:     English      

Better data, smarter decisions with Identification and Locating Solutions

Rising labor cost, changing regulations, increasing demand for faster deliveries etc. make operations more challenging. Maintaining visibility of assets can help manufacturers to operate more efficiently and proactively. Are you ready to realize savings and new values along the entire production and supply chain while promoting the highest levels of employee safety and productivity?


Siemens Digital Industries partnered up with Locera to offer a simple, yet powerful cloud-native hub for location and identification data. Access to extensive location intelligence and history helps you quickly achieve safety, efficiency, and regulatory results by automating the track and trace of assets, vehicle monitoring, social distancing, and integration into existing systems. 


Give us a try and join us on May 12, 2021 at 11 AM EST for a live demo of Locera, KAASM’s cloud-based SaaS that strengthens the Siemens RTLS and RFID solutions with an intuitive, secure, and resilient global platform to locate and track everything from anywhere.

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Shawn Sandoval

Shawn Sandoval

President & CEO, KAASM

With over 20 years experience in software and industrial automation, Shawn has built KAASM into an industry leading company with a focus on software development. In this role, Shawn oversees all sales and product development for Locera.

Calvin Hamus

Calvin Hamus

IoT & IS Architect, KAASM

An 11 year veteran in software development and industrial automation, Calvin manages an industrial technology portfolio at KAASM that includes DX consulting and software development. Calvin also manages the KAASM DevTeam and is the Lead Architect of Locera.

Mike Territo

Mike Territo

RTLS Presales Technical Consultant, SIEMENS

Mike is a 13 year veteran of Siemens with backgrounds in Industrial Engineering, Proposal Management and as an RTLS Technical Consultant. In his current role, Mike provides guidance and recommendations to customers seeking RTLS and RFID solutions.

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