Ensure safety and quality with SIMATIC RTLS

RTLS in Pharma

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Examine how real-time locating systems (RTLS) can help ensure repeatable success in each key step in your process in our newest application guide. Discover the value in knowing the precise locations of materials, assets and people, and how intelligent RTLS transponders can drive success in your facility.

How Real-Time Locating Systems promote pharmaceutical quality and safety

Precision in all facets of manufacturing is a fundamental requirement for the pharmaceutical industry. Even further, precision in every facet of your process, combined with maximum efficiency and continuous operation, are the ingredients for delivering high-quality products at the desired margins for success.


There is great value in knowing the precise location of materials, assets, and/or people and also value in having intelligent RTLS transponders that can store key information about your assets. So, how does this bring you benefit? explore our latest e-book to learn all this, and more!

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