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Take control of your assets  with SIMATIC Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

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The SIMATIC RTLS starter kit

Today’s manufacturers are determined to make their traditional workflows in production and logistics more dynamic. SIMATIC RTLS will allow you to respond more quickly to market changes, optimize capacity utilization, or manufacture smaller batches. The SIMATIC RTLS starter kit is scalable and perfectly suited for use in various environments. With accurate locating capabilities measured in inches, RTLS provides a critical component for the digital infrastructure of smart factories of the future.

What is included?

Your complete RTLS installation will be tailored to your specific application. It includes the following products and services at a very competitive price:

The components that are included in the starter kit allow for a testing area of approx. 100m² (1,070 sqft). The application demonstrates the visualization of assets or personnel, both at rest or in motion, on a customizable facility layout or background map. In a few simple steps, the RTLS starter kit simulates different scenarios on the plant floor that will help you  easily locate your assets and operate more efficiently.


RTLS Simulation


  • Full system setup: receive hardware and software components at 70% off
  • FREE setup support if needed
  • Simple and fast commissioning
  • Flexible and easily expandable


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