Industry Suite: Operational excellence for safe return to work

With employees returning to work and the challenges of the pandemic still ongoing, we are here to support you in protecting your employees while optimizing your production with our SieTrace social distancing application.

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Social Distancing and Contact Tracing for Industry Facilities

As plants and manufacturing facilities work to return to full capacity with the new challenges created by the pandemic, operation managers and health and safety officials must keep employees safe while also optimizing production. Guidelines from governments and health experts recommend social distancing to minimize risk to employee health. Without a location tracking system, it is difficult to know if employees can adhere to these guidelines and to identify hidden trouble areas in a facility.


The SieTrace application, together with the SIMATIC Real Time Locating System (RTLS), can help plant managers and operation managers optimize facility layouts and protect employee health reliably and efficiently. By monitoring customer defined unsafe interactions, SieTrace can help minimize virus transmission and provide vital contact tracing with a recorded history of employee interactions.

Smart interaction of apps and digital services

Find the suite perfectly matched to your industry

Select the right suite to investigate root causes quickly, allocate resources efficiently and realize significant cost savings. The interaction of apps and digital services, combined with holistic and flexible data analytics, fast, easy and secure collection and processing of plant data using MindSphere as one virtual environment improve transparency over the entire plant lifecycle. This allows you to prioritize all optimization measures according to their positive effects.

Benefits at a glance

One point of access for all your field data

No matter what your requirements are, our industry-specific suites fit.
Digital connectivity for Industry

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The digital infrastructure is key to be able to use and offer applications and digital services. It consists of many smart objects, network and platform solutions. We call these key elements Digital Connectivity for Industry. They let you master all digitalization tasks, and fully exploit the opportunities. As an essential part of this, Siemens is driving the implementation of industrial standards like NAMUR Open Architecture (NOA) or OPC Unified Architecture (UA).

Digital Connectivity is the basis for new digital business models.

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Application examples

Smart apps for maximum data transparency

Easy-to-implement industrial applications provide you with transparent information that will allow your company to exploit the full potential of digitalization. The following apps illustrate what’s possible.
Through the use of Siemens Mindsphere and for a low monthly cost, information can be uploaded to the cloud and then used to provide you with real-time monitoring of multiple assets, retrieving real-time data from multiple remote sites for your user group, anywhere and any time. In addition, you can receive alarms, alerts and notifications without delay. And all this can be sent directly to your pc, tablet or phone.

* Reduce site visits by up to 90%

* Save up to 70% on future cost of expansion

* Save up to 50% of costs due to maintenance delays

* Reduce downtime by up to 50% by early fault detection

For large plants as a whole or with focus on critical assets only – Smart Asset Management IQ will manage all your instrumentations’ secondary data in a coherent universal manner. Besides display of NE107 statuses, the multivariable monitoring allows tailored visualization of customer specific applications. 

* Your entire instrumentation (incl. 3rd party) in one coherent universal data model

*  Monitor continuously the (correct) settings of all instrumentation

* Visualize all devices or specific applications to your needs

* Simplify proven-in-use processes

Valve monitoring provides all the information required to pursue a predictive maintenance approach. Individually selectable key performance indicators (KPIs) significantly increase the transparency of the plant.


* Higher plant availability and avoidance of spontaneous valve defects

* Reduced maintenance costs through predictive maintenance

* Less wear and reduced operating costs through optimized setting of positioners

CPA enhances transparency of process data and control loop optimization with full data control. Automatic KPI calculations enable identifying setpoint tracking, steady state problems and even static or sliding friction in process valves.

* Higher transparency of PID control performance

* Higher product quality due to lower fluctuation in process variables

* Maximum equipment lifetime due to reduced variability in assets

* Less manual mode of control loops

Get the right performance KPIs and event characteristics. Their calculation is based on international norms and standards. With different perspectives for root cause analysis it provides recommendations for optimization.

* Higher transparency of alarm system performance

* Less plant operator work load and effort

* Less production risks

Pumping optimization heralds a new era of energy-efficient and reliable water supply. Siemens enables you, as a supplier, to optimally design and automate all relevant assets with our cloud-based application.

Minimize operational planning efforts

* Ensure sustainable reliability of your water supply even under challenging conditions

* Minimize response times during emergencies and unplanned events

Use this for your own support of predictive maintenance. It enables pre-alerts of failure risks, state-of-the-art maintenance strategies and consolidated experience management.

* Better asset integrity by advanced risk monitoring

* Condition-based predictive maintenance

* Better accuracy to improve work efficiency


Digital Enterprise for your industry

Each company has specific needs and requests that need to be acknowledged – therefore the Digital Enterprise is specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of the various industries

Siemens Co-creation Framework and Agile Development Process

Co-Creation is the activity of jointly creating Win-Win Solutions with Prototyping and rapid Business Impact. The Win-Win solutions for the whole ecosystem can be based on an existing, newly developed or co-developed solution. Digital Enterprise Lab understands that this requires high Customer Proximity and Engagement. Such success is achieved through Siemens Co-Creation Framework and Agile Development process, which puts the customers and their needs at the center of product/solutions development.


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