Asset Performance Suite

Asset Performance Suite

Experience a plant asset management solution that supports predictive maintenance and provides an excellent opportunity for all your plant assets to achieve the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.

Your benefits 

Reach for the highest possible operational efficiency – enabled by artificial intelligence:

  • Connect, manage, and analyze data across your entire  fleet
  • Zero onboarding of data sources for 20x faster data integration and improved data quality
  • Easy setup of asset models for only 25% of the original cost
  • Enhanced asset optimization management and a better basis for strategic decision making, thanks to advanced asset intelligence
  • Intuitive design for all stakeholders, delivering both asset details and plant overviews

New version now available with enhanced features

With the newest release of the Asset Performance Suite, you can now choose from among additional deployment options, including MS Azure Cloud, private clouds, and on-premise. What's more, the Asset Performance Suite helps you make better use of complex asset information – for example, from pumps and heat exchangers.  The condition of valves can also be monitored and assessed to identify any potential deviations from the baseline so that action can be taken before a more serious problem develops

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